Global Conversation 2020 - 3D virtual exhibition by UN75 - F.99 - IKONOSPACE

Global Conversation 2020

Mon, 09/21/2020 to Mon, 09/28/2020

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The United Nations' UN75, F.99 and IKONOSPACE have teamed up to proudly present 'Global Conversation 2020' a global humanity-focused art exhibition raising global awareness of the most pressing issues confronting humanity.

After reviewing over 350 artist submissions creating a total of 1700 artworks from around the world only 99 artworks have been chosen by the UN75 Exhibition Committee and Chief Curator at F.99 Gilléad-Gaari Mziray.

Each round of the Global Conversation exhibition series will showcase artwork that addresses topics such as Police Brutality, Housing Crisis in the Modern Era, Extreme Poverty in Africa, Mental Health to Climate Change, Refugees, Human Rights and many more critical issues we face today.

We are inviting friends and families in communities local and abroad to help us launch the largest global conversation on the role of global cooperation in building the future we all want.

By using art and research, Global Conversation 2020 bridges a connection to vocalize the emotionally captivating art of emerging, professional and leading artists from around the world to a global viewership that includes heads of state, ministers, and diplomats to visualize new solutions and perspectives of how we can change our world for the better.

By attending Global Conversation 2020 you are contributing your voice to help build a more equal, inclusive and sustainable world. You will be asked to fill out a one-minute survey at the opening reception and the closing of this exhibition. Please know your responses to this survey will inform global priorities now and going forward.

We're pleased that you have joined us for a very special online event. The exhibition will be on view from September 21st –– 28th to support ambitious action, a growing network of Artists interested in practical solutions and UN global goals.

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