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featured 3D exhibitions

John Gammans


This is a retrospective exhibition of work by the Somerset based abstract impressionist, John Gammans. Looking back over the past few years at works that have found new homes with UK based collectors.

Iain Merchant

Inside Out

28 Mar 2020 – 28 Mar 2021

This project is focused on creating abstract images that represent the thoughts and feelings we have on the inside as if we could see them on the outside. The beauty of this project is that each individual can engage according to what you see and feel, whereas the titles represent what I saw and felt when creating


Op Art

An exhibition of Op Art artworks.

Peter Veen


FLAB are Floating Algea Beds, photos of the surface of ditches, made in several seasons. Abstract art, made by Nature.

Galerie Syndrome de Stendhal

Exposition Elise BARAT / AmEmo

27 Mar 2020 – 27 Jun 2020

L'exposition Elise Barat / AmEmo Marion Emonin devait se tenir à la galerie dès le 28 mars. En cette période compliquée, notamment pour nos artistes, nous avons décidé de maintenir l'exposition sous forme numérique, en attendant la réouverture de la galerie. Ces deux jeunes artistes de talent ont énormément travaillé pour vous offrir des œuvres de qualité et il serait injuste de les laisser dans l'ombre de l'atelier. Nous espérons que vous apprécierez la visite et que vous la poursuivrez à la galerie. Voir ces œuvres devant vous, croyez-nous, cela en vaut la peine. Si vous souhaitez soutenir les artistes et qu'une oeuvre vous plait, vous pouvez dès maintenant la réserver en prenant contact avec nous. Nous avons fait le choix d'une présentation mélangée entre les œuvres Telle une ballade imaginaire selon notre inspiration Merci de votre soutien !

That Art Gallery

Big Boys Don't Cry

27 Mar 2020 – 30 Apr 2020

For the foreseeable future the physical gallery will be closed & (depending on health guidelines) may become ‘by appointment only’ in the future. Email: or contact us via social media if you’d like any information about the artists or artworks on the website.

Findlay Galleries

American Abstractionists

Findlay Galleries is pleased to present a curated selection of abstract works from our esteemed collection of American Abstractionists represented by our galleries in Palm Beach and New York. This roster of American Abstractionists has expanded impressively in recent years as we have proven our success in this market. This survey exhibition features artists from the early 20th Century Modern Abstractionists to the current Contemporary Abstractionists of today. A group, collective and unified, yet diverse in style and medium. This collection enables the viewer and collector to discern the likeness, differences, and influences between abstract artists of various times and places. The exhibition includes Simeon Braguin, Byron Browne, John Ferren, Ward Jackson, Ronnie Landfield, Frank Lobdell, Leonard Nelson, and Jack Wright.



16 Mar 2020 – 16 Mar 2021

Ekstan! INAOSSIEN Art proudly welcomes you to the solo exhibition of Nicholas V. K.

ArtCan Gallery


18 Mar 2020 – 18 Jun 2020

ART FIVE Gallery

Philippe ECHAROUX _ Calcutta_2020

Ces oeuvres viennent d'être réalisées à Calcutta en mars 2020 en lien avec l'ONG The_Blue_Turtle. Cette ONG permet à des dizaines d'enfants déshérités d'accéder à l'éducation et à l'école. 1/3 des oeuvres seront vendues au complet profit de l'association et pour les enfants qu'elle soutient. Ce sont quelques uns de ces enfants qui sont les sujets des projections que vous découvrez ici. Leurs photos sont projetées dans leur environnement quotidien. L'artiste "capture" ensuite "en pause longue" cette performance de projection pour qu'elle devienne oeuvre d'art.

Robilant + Voena

TEFAF Maastricht 2020

Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers

Contemporary Art – Bruun Rasmussen Auctioneers

Peintres Ecouen

Peintres d'Ecouen - Musée virtuel

Quelques oeuvres des peintres d'Ecouen du XIXème siècle. Pour plus d'informations, consulter le site

Galerie Ludwig Trossaert

Onno Dröge - Carved Feelings III

01 Mar 2020 – 31 Mar 2020

Woodsculptures on panel & ceramic The art of Onno Dröge is an ode to femininity. In his work, the admiration for women is reflected. There is no lack of the erotic. Lust, love and desire are his main themes. Natural materials: Through a combination of materials, forms, colours and background, Onno creates a heavenly sphere. He hopes everyone who admires his art experiences some of this feeling. On the surface of his ceramic works, you must be able to feel the chamotte (little stones). For the artist, this is a way to connect with his beloved raw earth or rocks. To his woodsculptures applies that the wood should remain visible to behold its natural appearance. Forms: The objects are usually geometric, and have female forms. The combination of those female forms and natural materials makes the abstract sculptures look fleshy. Colours: The colours that are used hold a supernatural significance for the artist. Think of the beautiful colours of flowers and trees, sea, water, clouds, sky, sun and animals. Colours have a great impact on mankind and are able to give you a divine feeling. Applications: In the ceramic works, the artist also makes use of glass that melts during the ceramic firing process, giving it a smooth surface. This smooth surface contrasts sharply with the rough earthly structure of the ceramic and represents the soft water. New work: Onno’s most recent work exists of wood sculptures that are all combined with a painted panel. The sculpture seems to stand apart from the panel, which serves as decor. Because of this, the sculpture seems to hover. The shadow of the dynamic sculptures that falls on the panel represents the attendance of the spirit. During the process of making, the artist gets his inspiration through the endless search for the fate of mankind, the here and now, new values and the meaning of the big why. The Rising sun (2000) This work represents the ultimate feeling of warmth and the light that the sun gives us. The curves and the ceramic surface again represent the feminine. Onno found inspiration for his ceramic work (1992-2001) travelling around the Mediterranean area. Especially Petra, an old ruin city in Jordan that is situated in a ravine surrounded by rocks south of the Dead Sea. Here, Onno was enchanted by the ancient culture, which shows in his ceramic works. In his sculptures, he wants to express both something original and something modern

WeShine Art Space

Zhang Liming's Solo Exhibition

01 Mar 2020 – 15 Mar 2020

The First solo exhibition of WeShine Art Space in 2020,we will present the artist Zhang Liming's painting works.Our gallery based in Nanjing, China.We found in 2015 and we have hold nearly 80 exhibitions in past 4 years.and nearly 16 to 18 exhibitions hold in our gallery each year.


Lebenswerk Paul Schmidt

01 Jan 2020 – 01 Jan 2023

Wenn er auch viel auf Reisen war, er blieb Beatenberger. Hier hatte er seinen Wohnsitz und sein Atelier. Heimisch war er überall da, wo er malen konnte. Er liebte die Höhe und die Weite, die Unabhängigkeit, die Bewegungsfreiheit und das Wagnis. Er liess sich nicht festlegen, weder auf einen Stil, ein Motiv, noch auf das Material. Seine Aussagen wurden getragen von einmaligen Farbsinfonien. Seine Sprache war modern und vielseitig. Er war nicht autoritär, sein Denken war von Toleranz geprägt. Obschon: Bei ihm war es manchmal kein bequemes Verweilen. Bei ihm nicht und auch nicht bei seinen Werken. Man wurde herausgefordert.


Missing Roots

Exhibition Of Anita Ashrafi Artworks

Séverin Krön



Liquid Binary

latent.dream is the moniker of Australian creative, Ryan Bullivant, who manifests visual experiences via an experimental process that blends traditional techniques with new media methodologies, resulting in a unique hybrid aesthetic.   “I use various liquid pour techniques as a starting point, then I’ll photograph the results of these pours and process them using a range of digital apps, custom scripts and utilities, many of which allow me to ‘glitch’ (the result of intentionally pushing a computer beyond its limits or manipulating raw data in a way as to induce corruption) the resulting image data to produce novel outcomes.    This process allows me to distil an otherwise impermanent moment from within the pour and then extend and preserve that moment digitally.  As a result, the artwork itself has no tangible form and therefore the digitally extended representation of that moment truly is unique in the sense that the moment itself was not recorded on a physical medium and can never be intentionally replicated due to the nature of the pour and the inherent randomness in the process of ‘glitching’ data.   Essentially, I am exploring the notion of controlled chaos in both forms of media and aiming to marry them in an aesthetically appropriate way.”

Andreas Streicher


01 Jan 2017 – 31 Dec 2023

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