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#154 | 100 fifty-four

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阿波羅畫廊 Apollo Art Gallery

伏流界 - 洛貞展

16 Dec 2023 – 20 Jan 2024

《伏流界 – 洛貞個展》 展期 | 2023.12.16 - 2024.01.20 開幕 | 2023.12.16 (六) 15:00 與談 | 2023.12.30 (六) 15:00 (洛貞 X 黃海鳴) 洛貞創作的主題總是環繞著對於人類處境之關懷,尤其在面對災難,如疫情、戰亂之時的狀況;同時也探討一個媒體爆炸,假象超載、真相隱諱,導致真假難辨的現象。洛貞曾說過:「靈魂要去的地方,你是擋不住的。對於"苦悶"的詮釋,往往是不自覺的。」因為這一切已經內化在她心裡。她透過自己的創作來敘述生命的本質。這次的展覽主題《伏流界》影射的,就是現象背後被深埋了的本質和真理以及真相。 在這次展出最新的系列中,洛貞透過彩墨在宣紙上繪製出無數纖細律動的線條,交錯、平行、堆疊。是宏觀的層層山脈、大風呼嘯過的草坪、流動的網絡,是微觀的人體肌理、毛髮絲絲、動脈與靜脈的律動。 洛貞師從吳昊,1985年榮獲金爵獎。2008年在國立台灣美術館舉辦個展。分別於1984、1993、1996、2021年在阿波羅畫廊舉辦過個展。歡迎您蒞臨欣賞!



01 Dec 2023 – 01 Nov 2025

Immersive limited edition Seascapes by British photographer ALEXANDER SUTTON

Menino Arts Center

The Art of the Quilt

04 Dec 2023 – 21 Jan 2024

The Art of the Quilt December 4, 2023 – January 21, 2024 Reception: Saturday, December 9, 3–5pm Contemporary, improvisational, off-the-grid, off-center, minimalist, asymmetrical, high contrast, negative space focus, free-motion style, questioning established forms. Juried by Stephanie Shore. Curated by Sasja Lucas. Featuring 43 quilts made by 31 artists from Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, Ohio, Missouri, and New Mexico. Gallery hours at the MAC starting December 4: Wednesdays: 10 am – 4 pm / 6 pm – 8 pm Thursdays and Fridays: 10 am – 4 pm Saturdays: 10 am – 12 pm and by appointment Adrienne Sloane Agusta Agustsson Amy Kidd Annie Cardinaux Barbara Graceffa Cindy Warren Lewis Emily Williams Freedom Baird Gail Gazelle Gail Pettiford Willett Gloretta Baynes Hiroko Fukawa Judy Ross Julie Reuben Laine Gifford Liz Gray Liz Hardy Mary Harman Nancy Crasco Ninth Street Bee:(Alexis Deise, Amy Kidd, Linda Wolyneic, Rebecca Loren, Susan McKinney) Pam Geisel Patricia Shinn Wojtowicz Paul Breuer Sandy Gregg Susan Naimark Tricia Deck Vicki Conley Victoria Findlay Wolfe



01 Dec 2023 – 31 Dec 2023



01 Dec 2023 – 31 Dec 2023

Women United ART MOVEMENT is proud to present FRIED PLANTAIN AND DESMOND'S AT GRANNY'S HOUSE a solo exhibit by YVADNEY DAVIS EXHIBIT INTRODUCTION ‘Fried Plantain and Desmond’s at Granny’s House’ is a group of mixed media works exploring British Caribbean culture. Rooted in symbolism of the post-war Windrush Generation who migrated to the UK from the Caribbean and its descendants, the portraits capture the everyday of now against a backdrop of the iconic ‘West Indian’ living room. The works in this series offer an insight into the hopes, pride and moments of Black British everyday people . It explores nostalgia at its core and its connection to the present and future. I hope all the visitors will be inspired to reconnect with moments from their past. Celebrating their stories and those of their ancestors. I hope they can draw from the common threads of identity, hope, pride and humour that link us all despite our differences. This is about humanity. Each piece is steeped in the evocative representations of the WIndrush Generation. The West Indian ‘front room’ became a demonstration of resilience, expression and black joy in the face of hardship, racism and rejection in post-war Britain. The gaudy patterned wallpaper typically used in those homes becomes the foundation of each piece. It represents laughter, tasty food, hardwork, music and community. The result is a series that celebrates layers, through the use of collage, brush strokes and even text. With subjects who are bold in colour and body. ARTIST BIO Yvadney Davis is an London-based artist championing her British Caribbean experience. Self-taught, her art practise has transformed from a hobby to an award-winning practise, which includes exhibitions, commissions and most importantly connecting the nostalgia and joy of the Windrush Generation with its descendants. She has been shortlisted for the JMP Painting Prize 2023, ING Discerning Eye Prize and Royal Academy Summer Exhibition both in 2022. Most recently her art has been exhibited at the Black Cultural Archives and 198 Contemporary Art Gallery. ARTIST STATEMENT My art is a love letter to the black British experience from my heritage as the granddaughter of the Windrush Generation. I am not only holding onto the memories and dreams of those that came before me, but also celebrating the everyday of my community through portraiture. Working from my South London studio, I create pieces that focus on surface. This includes building up layers of rhythmic paint strokes, memories and conversations captured in text and referencing the iconic mid-century 'front rooms' of the Windrush Generation, using vintage wallpaper either as the foundation of my artwork or as collage. Representing the everyday with grandeur is integral to my work, so I ensure that the gaze and posture of each subject is both powerful and soulful. Listening to loud jazz music while I paint is an important part of this practise.

Larasati Auctioneers

Modern and Contemporary Indonesian Art

04 Dec 2023 – 07 Dec 2023

AUCTION ThursDAY, 7 December 2023 (LIVE STREAMING) starting from 5 pm (Singapore) | 4 pm (Jakarta) PREVIEW Thursday, 7 December 2023 (10 am - 2.30 pm) at The Hermitage A Tribute Portfolio Hotel Jakarta Menteng Room, Mezzanine Floor Jl, Cilacap No. 1, Menteng, Jakarta, Indonesia Sale Number SPA 053 “Christmas” The sale will be conducted in English. Bidding is carried out in Singapore Dollars. This sale is subject to LARASATI’s Conditions of Business as printed in our catalogue and stated on our website. IMPORTANT NOTICE: Kindly note that the Auctioneer will conduct the auction LIVE in the Sale Room. To comply with venue’s Health Regulations, bidders are encouraged to register for phone bidding or putting absentee/written bid. You can also register to participate live on FOR THIS PARTICULAR SALE, One Larasati Arts WILL NOT CHARGE AN ADDITIONAL ON-LINE COMMISSION. PREMIUM IS 18% ON FINAL HAMMER PRICE Part of the proceeds will be set aside for Charity Activities AUCTION INQUIRIES +62 811 116 5778

Musik und Identität

Music and Identity

Pepney Gallery

Mother Nature

30 Nov 2023 – 30 Mar 2024

Solo Exhibition by Mina Banihashemi "Mother Nature” Solo Exhibition by visual Iranian artist Mina Banihashemi, Opening Next Thursday 30th November 2023 5pm GMT Capturing the Essence of Mother Nature: A Masterpiece Unveiled In a world inundated with technology and urbanization, Pepney Gallery proudly presents a breathtaking Solo Exhibition that serves as a poignant reminder of the beauty and fragility of Mother Nature. The Solo Exhibition, titled “Mother Nature” is a testament to the importance of preserving and cherishing our natural environment. We would like to introduce ‘Mother Nature’, a Solo Exhibition by visual Iranian artist Mina Banihashemi. Created by the talented Mina Banihashemi, the exhibition is a visual symphony that encapsulates the essence of Mother Nature in all her glory. From the vibrant hues of a sunset over a pristine landscape to the intricate details of flora and fauna, every stroke on the canvas tells a story of interconnectedness and symbiosis. Mina Banihashemi, In a world that often moves at a relentless pace, she creates artworks that invites viewers to pause and reflect on the unparalleled beauty that surrounds us. The intricate details in the paintings are meant to convey the delicate balance of ecosystems and the harmony that exists in the natural world. The unveiling of “Mother Nature" exhibition comes at a crucial juncture when environmental consciousness is more crucial than ever. Pepney Gallery recognizes the importance of raising awareness about environmental issues and believes in the power of art to evoke emotions and spark meaningful conversations. The paintings will be showcased online on our website and streamed on our social media pages Live, opening next Thursday 30th November, allowing art enthusiasts and environmental advocates alike to experience the profound impact of the artwork. The exhibition will run from 30th November, and well into the new year for a few months providing ample time for visitors to immerse themselves in the vibrant celebration of Mother Nature. "Mother Nature" serves as a powerful reminder that we are all stewards of the Earth, entrusted with the responsibility to safeguard and preserve its beauty. Pepney Gallery invites the community to join us in this celebration of Mother Nature's magnificence and to contemplate the role each of us plays in ensuring a sustainable and harmonious coexistence with the natural world. Visual Iranian Artist, Mina Banihashemi was born on 16 June 1984. She specialises in Graphic, Visual Arts and her art investigation started at the age of 22. Her background and experience includes; Executing collective interior exhibitions in well-known Tehran galleries (as a curator), Teaching theoretical and practical art courses in the School of Arts and University. She was the Caricature secretary of Shamseh conference in Tehran. She worked as a Graphic designer in several countries. Publications and Press with TV, newspapers, and websites include ‘Exhibition Art Criticism in Nogara monthly magazine. She participated in Saint Petersburg Academy in Italy and also in Art Fair Istanbul, 2021. She finished her studies in Associates Graphic and Bachelor of Visual Arts with top marks and Master of Art Investigations in science and Culture University. She was a member of the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents at Alzahra University in a master course. Exhibitions include; The collective exhibition in Arte Design, Tehran, The collective exhibition in the Museum of Qasr Prison, Art fair exhibition, Istanbul, Saint Petersburg Academy exhibition, Italy and The collective exhibition in Sa’adatabad Complex. In Mina’s words, “Mother Nature, the goddess of the earth, lives among us. On the cliffs and in the forest, she protects us and shapes the earth. She gives you strength with each word, opens your arms, she lifts you up and your soul soar with her breath. Feel her heart, it beats in your existence and life follows her eternal .pulse My Mother Nature collection with the acrylic technique on canvas upsets the balance in fanciful way, inspired by nature and the characteristics of a woman as a mother, and the power, beauty and birth, and also shows nature with a world beyond reality and abstract colour richness and caresses the tired soul of .the audience It is always necessary for me to manipulate nature in order to put a deep and stable melody in the mind of the audience by creating the illusion of vision! I do believe this is enough.” Further information: Mina Banihashemi's Instagram:


Salão Virtual 3D - 4º edição -sala4

30 Nov 2023 – 30 Jan 2024

A 4º edição do Salão Virtual 3D da Creator apresenta 4 salas com diferentes mostras coletivas, para um público interessado em participar de uma experiência imersiva em ambientes virtual simulado. O evento virtual gratuito permanecerá aberto de 30/11/2023 até 30/12/23, promovendo arte e cultural brasileira na era das tecnologias. Curadoria e Direção de arte:  Luzbela Souza Feminino em Cada Pixel, não apenas ilumina o divino feminino, mas também destaca a revolução artística contemporânea. Do analógico ao digital, cada pixel testemunha a revolução do feminino, convidando-o a celebrar pinturas que celebram a beleza, força e resiliência da mulher na sociedade moderna.


BROUHAHA presents : Roywang Solo exhibition

03 Dec 2023 – 02 Jan 2024

Roywang Chinese Artist Sibo Wang, Art Name: Roywang , currently living in Beijing. Guinness World Record holder for the largest light Drawing, the most people light drawing simultaneously, Consultant and Chinese representative of LPWA (Light Painting World Alliance), representative of IAA China. Important exhibitions: 2012 LPWA Mumbai International Light Painting Tech Show 2014 Hong Kong International Light Painting Exhibition 2016 Oviedo International Light Painting Exhibition, Spain 2016 Longhushan International Light Painting Exhibition 2018 International Light Painting Exhibition, Paris Casablanca International Light Painting Exhibition Beijing International Light Painting Exhibition 2023 International Action Art Exhibition, Dubai/Athens Biennale di Genova 18th Milan Photo Festival Dubai Calligraphy Biennale Solo Exhibitions: 2015 Dongguan, Guangdong Province, China "National Scenery Light Painting Art 2021 The Classics of Mountains and Seas Light Art Project", Guangzhou 2023 Awards and Honors:2023 Obtained UAE Golden Visa Artist Guinness World Records The most people. 2022 Collaborate with renowned Chinese dance artist Ms. Yang Liping to create a light painting art Chinese dance series Participated in the creation of "A Place" London Fashion Week by renowned Chinese fashion designer Mr. Hu Sheguang First Prize of Intangible Cultural Heritage IP Design Competition Area of the 6th. Mentougou Cultural and Creative Competition Third Prize in the 6th Beijing Cultural and Creative Competition Beijing Gold Prize of H.C. Andersen Art Awards Artistic Contribution Award of Luxembourg International Art Award 2021 Guinness World Records World's Largest Light Painting Pattern 2021.586 sqm "Light Tianzhu" 118th Rotating Mayor of Wanda Town, Danzhai, Guizhou 2020 World Society for the Protection of Animals (WSPA) Collaborative Light Painting Art Project Awarded "Most Creative Animal Protection Project" by the UK Headquarters Top 100 Global CG Art Theme Creation Public Welfare Activities for the War on the. Epidemic "White Angel War on the Epidemic” 2019 Photographer of the Year Award at the Meipai Photography Awards Light’s Dance, LPWA World Light Alliance Beijing Special Exhibition Gold Award for ICSC. Marketing PR 2018 Guinness World Records World's Largest Light Painting Pattern 670 sqm “Dancing Dragon in Beijing 2016 Grand Prize of OVIEDO World Light Painting Competition, Spain 2015 Most Popular Photographer Award of Weibo Awards Ceremony Mobile Photography Emerging Award of National Youth Photography Exhibition 2014 Award of Excellence in Getty Images China, East Impressions BROUHAHAART gallery specializing in 3D Virtual exhibitions and curated Virtual galleries, serving a Global community as well as professional galleries, organizations and Artists. Virtual exhibitions provide an experience that is as close as possible to an actual gallery or museum visit. SHARE THIS EXHIBITION

Soul Dream Art Gallery

Soul Dream Collection

01 Dec 2023 – 10 Jan 2024

Benvenuto nella nostra innovativa mostra 3D presso Soul Dream Art Gallery! Immergiti in un mondo di emozioni e bellezza all’interno di Sala Apollo. Esplora le opere in dettaglio, muoviti liberamente nella nostra galleria digitale e lasciati trasportare dalla magia delle creazioni. Ogni quadro ha una storia da raccontare, e ora puoi viverla in modo completamente nuovo! Benvenuto in un'esperienza artistica senza confini

Art Trope Gallery

Eric Brocherie

Wielding digital tools like modern paintbrushes, Eric Brocherie brings abstract aesthetics to life, offering us a new and stimulating vision of reality. The explosion of codes, the fading of alphabets, the reconstruction of truths, the fraying of knowledge... his committed work conveys a sense of disenchantment with the acceleration of speed that drives us into an inexorable chaos. Eric Brocherie's artistic work is not a quest for salvation, but a call to stop time in order to see, understand and try to embrace this new world. Eric Brocherie's creations are the result of a complex process driven by intuition. The Artist focuses on the expression of his emotions, feelings, questions and doubts. His approach, infused with vulnerability and cheerful curiosity, leads to aesthetically complex works composed in unusual ways. Eric Brocherie's work is deeply human. Every creative act is an inquiry into the future of the human race. Eric Brocherie is a multidisciplinary artist and a renowned Artistic Director. Fascinated, bulimic and curious about artistic and graphic culture, this visual environment led him into the world of art, typography and pop culture. Between 1991 and 2018, he co-founded the creative studios "La 5e Colonne", "Shaman l'atelier graphique", "Franklin", specialized in fashion and luxury goods, and "The French Title", specialized in feature film credit sequences. Eric Brocherie is a pioneer in the organization of entirely digital artistic events such as "Cybertags" in 1998, and the creation of the first websites for Pure Players and brands such as the Cartier and Charles Jourdan Foundations. Meeting Cédric Klapisch allowed him to direct his first credit sequence for "Chacun cherche son chat" in 1996. This additional talent allows him to express his passion for animation, direction, editing, music and typography through the specific stylistic process of creating a credit sequence. Ever since, Eric Brocherie has produced all the credit sequences for films by the same author, such as "L'auberge espagnole", "Les poupées russes", "Paris", "En corps", and so on. The artist divides his time between his work as an Artistic Director specializing in luxury and fashion, and as a creator of film credit sequences for Jacques Audiard, Yvan Attal, Marion Vernoux, Gaspar Noë, Eric Rochan and many others. Meanwhile, Eric Brocherie has always developed a more personal approach, creating singular digital works that he has decided to unveil.

Thomas Glas –

SPACES 1 – Absolute Malerei

01 Dec 2023 – 01 Dec 2025

Michael Sole


14 Nov 2023 – 19 Oct 2025

A collection of golf leaf canvases

Galeria 3D ART

Galeria 4

01 Dec 2023 – 17 Dec 2023

TM 2023 Virtual Art Fair is at first edition and is aimed to the art-loving public who want to purchase works by visual artists at affordable prices. To view the works on display for sale please visit the follow galleries. Each gallery has 5 niches reserved for authors with their works. There you find information and technical data sheets as well as contact details. Booking, payment method and delivery are made upon agreement with the author. For more info, please see the link:

Artio Gallery

Global Horizons VIII

19 Nov 2023 – 26 Nov 2023

"Global Horizons" is an ongoing artistic project featuring artists from around the world. We invite you to embark on a mesmerizing journey that transcends geographical confines, bringing together artists from diverse corners of the world. This exhibition stands as a vibrant celebration of artistic expression that knows no territorial bounds, where creativity flows uninhibited, and the human spirit soars freely across cultures and perspectives. Within this captivating collection, we proudly present a dazzling tapestry of works that bear witness to the boundless depths of human imagination. It underscores the resounding truth that within the realm of art, there exist no barriers—only an endless expanse of creative exploration, uniting us in a tapestry of shared human experiences. David Anocibar Maria Budnikova Olympia Gerard Handgraaf Eileen Healy Edit Hermkens István Jenő Kovács Shelina Khimji Mazvyde Sakal Steluta Gutiu Floare Muntean Spegelaere Ralph Dezső Tóth Elena Turcan Ruth Schmidt Anastazja Dzik Bartholomeus Langeveld Albert Costa Corina Dimitriu Manric Adam - Mielu Petra Gotthardt Konstantinos Spiropoulos Gemma Pahissa Myriam Véjus Arunas Vilkevicius Aureole Laurent La Rocca Tom Maltone Martin Safarik Anne Persson Lucenius Airida Milasauskiene MIZIAM Maite Farreres Marina Cavlina-Koch

Matthias Oppermann

Bildvergrabungen Teil 1

Im Jahr 2017 zerschnitt der Künstler Matthias Oppermann elf seiner eigenen Bilder in insgesamt 48 Teile. Sie wurden an verschiedenen Orten auf der Welt vergraben. Dort lagen die Bildfragmente zwischen vier und fünf Jahren, bis sie im Jahr 2022/2023 wieder ausgegraben wurden. Dieses Projekt verbindet zwei gegensätzliche Pole: die Kunst, als Produkt menschlicher Kreativität und die Natur, als Schöpfungsgewalt jenseits menschlicher Einflussnahme. Es entstand aus der Idee heraus, die Beziehung zwischen Mensch und Natur neu zu denken und zu erforschen. Oppermann nutzt dabei den Bildentstehungsprozess als Medium, um diese Beziehung auf eine einzigartige Weise zu verdeutlichen. Hierbei treffen zwei gegensätzliche Welten aufeinander und werden in den Bildentstehungsprozess einbezogen. In dieser virtuellen Ausstellung werden die Ergebnisse der ersten beiden Bilder (12 Einzelteile) gezeigt. Die wieder ausgegrabenen Bildteile sind in dieser Ausstellung im Verhältnis stark vergrößert wiedergeben. Die Collagen zeigen den Ort der Vergrabung und das jeweilige Bildteil in der Erde. In 2017, the artist Matthias Oppermann cut up eleven of his own paintings into a total of 48 pieces. They were buried in various locations around the world, where the fragments of the paintings remained for four to five years until they were dug up again in 2022/2023. This project connects two opposing poles: art, as a product of human creativity, and nature, as a creative force beyond human influence. The "Image Burial" project arose from the idea of rethinking and exploring the relationship between humans and nature. Oppermann uses the process of creating images as a medium to illustrate this relationship in a unique way. By cutting up works of art and assigning the fragments to various natural forces, a joint act of creation by humans and nature emerges. Here, two opposing worlds meet and are involved in the process of creating an image. This virtual exhibition shows the results of the first two pictures (12 individual parts). The re-excavated parts of the pictures are reproduced in this exhibition in greatly enlarged proportions. The collages show the location of the burial and the respective part of the picture in the earth.

Galeria 3D ART

Ciprian Apetrei - Ai găsit ce căutăm cu toții? Lectura: Mihai Nae - Editura Cartea Sonoră

Salon audio filografic 3D Autor: Ciprian Apetrei Lectura : Mihai Nae


Lino & Cyanotype Prints 2023

22 Nov 2023 – 01 Jan 2025



23 Nov 2023 – 26 Nov 2023

BUSAN, South Korea with KARINE BARTOLI, RUSIKO CHIKVAIDZE, JEAN DUQUOC, FRANCINE LEDIEU, LEE YU-MIN, PARK HOO-JUNG, PASCAL PLAZANET, & JEAN-LUC VERET galerie bruno massa is thrilled to participate to the 3rd edition of BLUE ART FAIR at PARADISE HOTEL in Busan, South Korea. PARADISE HOTEL BUSAN is located along sandy Haeundae Beach. Apart from modern rooms, it also boasts a casino and an outdoor spa. Selected rooms have balconies overlooking the sea.


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