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05 Jan 2021 – 05 May 2021

Another ten years of my work have passed. Maybe closed galleries due to COVID 19 is a good explanation at this point that I present my painting art on the Internet. Because almost all of my paintings have new owners. I would love to have these works in my possession today ... but where would I have put them and what my family and I would live on, if they had not been sold ... I present to you thirty selected of mine works from the period of 10 years. I kindly invite you to visit this exhibition. Many thanks to all collectors and art lovers who purchased my works.



Ground Effect

Koralie - Ground Effect

CSMA Junior | EYIC

Arts and Science

06 Jan 2021 – 27 Jan 2021

These are the selected works of art from the Arts and Science contest, organized by the CSMA Junior and the ECCOMAS Young Investigators Committee for the WCCCM-ECCOMAS congress. It aims to show science in all its beauty and elegance, with connection between Science and Art. It consists in visualizing scientific works with an artistic point-of-view. Topics cover the broad fields of mechanical engineering, applied mathematics, and computer science which are connected to the scope of the congress. Curated by Matthieu Vitse and Thomas Heuzé.

Reynold Thomas

Figuration Collective 2020

Experience a collection of work from artists and life models across the globe. With a life model providing inspiration, artists captured a diversity of shapes, gestures and postures of the figurative form. Curated by: Reynold Thomas

ZINC contemporary

She Sang For You | works by Danäe Anderson

07 Jan 2021 – 27 Feb 2021

Touchstone Gallery

Touchstone Gallery Member Artists Exhibit

07 Jan 2021 – 07 Mar 2021

Mendocino Art Center

Arlene Reiss

Arlene Reiss Arlene Reiss was born raised in New York to parents who encouraged much exposure to the exciting art world of Manhattan. After graduating college with a degree in Art she lived and worked in New York in advertising and publishing, until she moved to the Mendocino Coast in 1970. Being much inspired by her environment she became a plein-air pastel artist. After exhibiting and selling paintings in that genre for many years, she took 2 years off from gallery exhibiting to delve into more personal work and has continued to work as an intuitive artist since that time. For the last 20 plus years her work is intuitively based and primarily abstract. She continues to explore a variety of mediums with much focus on Acrylic, Mixed Media and Collage. Living on the Mendocino Coast and spending part of the year on the Pacific Coast of Mexico she is very influenced by the colors and forms of the natural environment. “It’s fascinating and mysterious that by making marks on paper a reality is created that never existed before. As I paint I become engaged in a dialogue with the piece; surprises happen, moods change and colors demand to be used. A relationship is created than can be immensely frustrating and sublimely satisfying, that has a depth reached by perseverance.” Arlene’s work is in national and international collections. She is a founding and current member of Partner’s Gallery, She is the Acting Education Manager for the Mendocino Art Center.

The Holocene Gallery

Kanshinsei: A Collection

08 Jan 2021 – 06 Jul 2021

A carefully curated collection of Japanese yakusha-e (actors paintings), Sumi-e (Ink wash) and ukiyo-e (woodblock prints). Originally created between the latter half of the 18th century and the early 20th century, the collections from Itō Jakuchū, Katsushika Hokusai, Kōno Bairei, Ohara Koson, Toyohara Kunichika and Watanabe Seitei are curated of some of their lesser known works. All Kanchinsei prints are printed on Awagami Wash Bamboo paper. Framed prints are offered behind glass, using conservation mounting materials and sustainable wood frames.

Evolution Festival


Bruno Januario

50 Sombras de 2020

01 Jan 2020 – 31 Jan 2020

::::PT:::: Exposição: 50 Sombras de 2020 Esta exposição aborda o meu ano de 2020 em fotografia, com as fotos selecionadas ao longo destes 12 meses decorridos, em grande parte vivendo lado a lado com a covid-19. Convido-o a mergulhar nas fotografias e a descobrir não só os locais, mas também a leitura do meu estado de espirito em cada uma delas. ::::EN:::: Exhibition: 50 Shades of 2020 This exhibition deals with my year 2020 in photography, with the photos selected over these 12 months, largely living side by side with covid-19. I invite you to immerse yourself in the photographs and discover not only the places, but also the reading of my state of mind in each one of them. ::::DE:::: Ausstellung: 50 Shades of 2020 Diese Ausstellung befasst sich mit meinem Jahr 2020 in der Fotografie, mit den in diesen 12 Monaten ausgewählten Fotos, die größtenteils Seite an Seite mit covid-19 leben. Ich lade Sie ein, in die Fotografien einzutauchen und nicht nur die Orte zu entdecken, sondern auch die Lesart meines Gemütszustandes in jeder einzelnen von ihnen.

Free Art Room

Internal Forms 30 - Digital Art

Digital Art

Artifex Online Gallery

2021 新年 個人展 '趙哲滸'

01 Jan 2021 – 31 Jan 2021

조철호 작가의 "존재, 우연, 상황"이라는 주제의 성냥 작품 시리즈는 그 주제가 암시하듯 다양한 상황 속에 놓인 인간의 여러 가지 모습들을 상징적으로 보여주고 있는 것 같다. 얼핏 보면 단순해 보이는 성냥개비라는 조형 언어 속에 압축되어있는 이야기들을 풀어헤치는 순간, 시간과 공간의 변화 속에서 무수히 반복되는 만남과 이별의 드라마, 수많은 관계 속에서 존재하는 인간의 희노애락이 한편의 대하드라마처럼 펼쳐진다. 이로써 성냥은 하나의 시각적 이미지와 상징으로서의 역할을 넘어선다. 성냥은 작가의 오랜 화두인 듯하다. 수많은 성냥개비로 수놓아진 그 많은 작품들 속에서 인간이란 무엇이고 삶이란 무엇인가라는 가장 근원적인 질문에 대한 해답을 끈질기게 찾아가는 작가의 구도자적 자세와 열정이 느껴진다. 이제 보니 작가의 모습이 도인과 닮아있는 것이 우연이 아닌 듯 하다. 한국화가 전영미 평 중에서

Mendocino Art Center

Chunhong Chang

For several years, Chunhong has been working on a series called “In Congruence” which evolved into another series, “Unity.” The artworks in “In Congruence” combine the styles and painting approaches of classical European still lifes of the 16th and 17th centuries and the floral, bird, and land and seascapes of early Southeast Asian art. “Unity” takes a more modern approach, preserving the classical style on the center plane, but with a more flowing, abstract outer frame. By juxtaposing eastern and western images that reflect the traditional methods of masters from centuries past, her work attempts to unify and enhance the visual representation of the natural world in a new way. She seeks to establish a harmonious coexistence between eastern and western art in my work, with different styles of images painted on different planes that work together as a unified work.

UAD-Textile Design


31 Dec 2020 – 30 Jan 2021

Departamentul Arte textile- Design textil, nivel Licență, vă invită să vizionați expoziția de arte textile ” T3XT1L” ediția a II-a. Expoziția se poate viziona online în perioada 31.12.2020-30.01.2021. Pe simeze puteți admira lucrări realizate de studenții departamentului nostru, lucrări care prezintă tehnici textile reprezentative. Coordonatori: prof. univ. dr. Liliana Moraru, conf. univ. dr. Anca Pintilie, lect. univ. dr. Livia Petrescu, asist. univ. drd. Axenia Roșca, laborant univ. Vlad Bulgăr.

Findlay Galleries

Leonard Edmondson - Signs & Symbols - Palm Beach


Último Plenilunio de 2020

30 Dec 2020 – 30 Jan 2021

La Luna Llena de Diciembre de 2020 es la última de la década. Varios observadores compartieron fotos con La Sociedad de Astronomía de Puerto Rico. La foto emblemática de la exhibición es cortesía de NASA.



Fotoklub Galanta

Decembrová výstava Fotoklubu Galanta, 2020

31 Dec 2020 – 31 Jan 2021

Vážený návštevník! Dovoľte mi, aby som Vás privítal na virtuálnej výstave fotografií členov Fotoklubu pri Mestskom kultúrnom stredisku v Galante. Tu prezentované fotografie sú vystavené aj v priestoroch renesančného kaštieľa v Galante od 1. decembra 2020 až do 31. januára 2021. Výstava je prístupná verejnosti, avšak treba brať do úvahy aktuálne protiepidemiologické opatrenia, ktoré obmedzujú počty ľudí v interiéroch alebo aktuálne zákazy vychádzania, ktoré znemožnia fyzickú návštevu výstavy. Práve z týchto dôvodov sme sa rozhodli, že sprístupníme výstavu aj vo virtuálnej galérii. Vystavené sú diela členov fotoklubu, ktoré vznikli v roku 2020. Je to malý náhľad do ich tvorby. Ak Vás niektorý autor zaujme, môžete navštíviť jeho galériu aj na webstránke klubu na adrese Súčasťou každoročnej decembrovej klubovej výstavy fotoklubu sú aj diela pozvaného hosťa, tento rok je to Martin Marenčin, ktorého fotografie môžete pozrieť v samostatnej galérii. Za normálnych okolností by sme sa stretli na vernisáži výstavy, kde by sme mali možnosť vidieť diela aj za prítomnosti ich autorov a osobne si s nimi pohovoriť, a v neposlednom rade pri prípitku si pripomenúť aj 45. výročie založenia fotoklubu, ktorý vykonáva činnosť nepretržite od roku 1975. Žiaľ, toto musíme odložiť do doby, kým sa situácia nevráti do bežných koľají. Želám Vám príjemný zážitok pri prehliadke tvorby členov Fotoklubu Galanta a dúfam, že nám zachováte priazeň aj v tejto neľahkej dobe, ktorá si vyžiadala aj takéto menej tradičné formy prezentácie umenia. Bc. Ladislav Győrög prezident Fotoklubu Galanta Podujatie sa uskutočnilo s finančnou podporou Mesta Galanta.

Roberth Breséus

Dolt i porträttet

Syftet med det visuella utvecklingsarbetet är att, med ett konstnärligt fokus, utforska det som ligger dolt i porträtten, av Daguerreotyper, och att låta er se vad jag ser. Jag ställer mig frågorna; Vad som kan tänkas finnas dolt, och vilka ledtrådar, i porträttfotograferna kan jag ta fasta på genom mina egna och högst personliga associationer? Vad inom bildens ramar fastnar jag för och hur kan jag genom digital manipulation lyfta fram och gestalta min omtolkning av personer i Daguerreotyper från 1800-talet?

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