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Moonstock Crypto Art Gallery

21 Heads - The Crypto Hall of Fame

15 Apr 2021 – 15 Apr 2022

This Crypto Hall of Fame consists of portraits of the most important crypto pioneers. There can only ever be 21 members in it. The first 11 places are taken, you can suggest who should be included next: Each of these digital paintings comes in a limited edition of 21 copies. The price per copy is 0.021 Bitcoin, payable in several major cryptocurrencies. When you buy an artwork, you will receive an ERC 721 token which proves your ownership. The format of each painting is 21 by 21 inches, with a resolution of 300 dpi. This high resolution allows you to print it out on canvas in a digital print store near you. Printed out on canvas these paintings fit well into your office or living room, so you can show that you belong to the crypto community. More information:

Zoia Skoropadenko

Notre Dame Brule

15 Apr 2021 – 15 May 2021

Notre Dame Brule is a virtual exhibition by artist Zoia Skoropadenko. COVID sick artist working from her bed on Notre Dame Brule exhibition that was canceled due total French lockdown and NFT 3 weeks ago Zoia Skoropadenko contemporary artist based in Monaco was tested positive on COVID-19 After 2 weeks and a half of a severe symptoms she managed to get back to her work on upcoming exhibition in Paris dedicated to transformation of Notre Dame after the fire in 2019. But 2 weeks ago French President Macron locked down France for 4 weeks which canceled the exhibition planned for 17th of April in a commerces around Notre Dame de Paris. Skoropadenko didn't give up. “I survived Covid I can make it happened.” And so she did using Ipad, NFT and 3D online exhibitions. ABOUT THE IDEA OF EXHIBITION Notre Dame Brûlée pop up exhibition was planned to be open in Paris in diverse commerces in 4th arrondissement from 15 till 25 of April 2021. Skoropadenko had an idea not only to show her work of last 2 years but also to revive the life in local commerce around Notre Dame. To attract the visitors to local businesses by pop up flash exhibition. Most of opened shops and businesses were highly interested in this project and the exhibition was confirmed in February 2021. The idea was that every shop will feature in their window or inside one art piece of Skoropadenko from her series Notre Dame Brule. There was a printed a map with every art piece in every commerce with QR codes to easy find the commerce with art in it. As well as was created a virtual map of where to find the art pieces with list of every commerce around Notre Dame. The public would be looking for art pieces “Notre Dame Brule” and meanwhile discovering and supporting the local businesses. But first, the artist went down with COVID-19 and then French President ordered a new lock down till beginning of May so physical exhibition was canceled twice. But Skoropadenko decided not to stop and found another solution. As she is too weak to work in her atelier with a real material, she took out her Ipad and started sketching Notre Dame Brule exhibition from memories when she was in her Parisian Studio in front of Notre Dame. THE STORY The studio of the artist Zoia Skoropadenko situated on Ile de la Cite just in front of Notre Dame de Paris. She was painting Notre Dame de Paris for years from her studio window. When in 2019 fire of Notre Dame had happened, Skoropadenko started a new series called “Notre Dame Brule” made out of live sketches and paintings of the aftermath of the tragedy. She created more than 300 drawings and 100 paintings of restoration of Notre Dame. Each time she was working in her Parisian studio Skoropadenko depicting the progress of the reconstruction. Zoia plans to do a big exhibition of this series when the Notre Dame will be reopened. IPAD ART AND NFT “For long time I was very inspired by Ipad art by David Hockney. And now life push me to do it myself” - says Skoropadenko. She created 32 digital art works dedicated to restoration of Notre Dame. The 3D Virtual exhibition is be opened on the online platform of Kunstmatrix on 15th of April 2021 and accessible through website of artist “They say when life gives you lemons, make lemonade, I thought if all odds are against me with COVID and lockdown I will do NFT instead” says Skoropadenko. All works from series “Notre Dame Brule” digital edition will be available on an NFT platform Rarible

Yeah[ ]Art zeigt Puck Steinbrecher


In dieser Ausstellung zeigen wir Arbeiten aus den letzten Jahren und die ganze Vielfalt und Tiefe des künstlerischen Schaffens von Puck Steinbrecher. Zitat: "Es geht Steinbrecher in erster Linie immer um einen Diskurs mit der Stimmung und Atmosphäre des Ortes in seinen wechselnden Erscheinungen und Stimmungen." Dr. Nils Ohlsen, ehemals Kunsthalle Emden, jetzt Kunstmuseum Oslo


Anika Becker: Assuage

Anika Becker is an emerging artist, residing all over Ontario, CA. Prefurring rural areas, her work depicts plant life, texture, aging and appreciation. Conceptually poking at ideas of human, animal relationships, Intertwingularity, and appreciation of elders and knowledge to create assuage between peoples. She practices with, but isn't limited to portraits. Her distinct style works well with acrylics, quick, messy demands. She exaggerates this and works fast with layers to create dark, interesting compositions. Working in a variety of ways to apply paint to create textures and details that enhance visual information from the painting. Engaging the viewer with layers and emotion that makes the viewer read further, allowing for a deeper understanding of the image. Anika is currently an enrolled OCADU student. Presently emerging, after graduating she has aspirations to branch out to more galleries, run exhibits and teach. She aspires to teach art, create murals and non conventional ways of thinking.

Stephan Geisler


Supercars by Stephan Geisler

Galerie Noah

Alex Katz - Til Today

25 Mar 2021 – 13 Jun 2021

Art Will Save Us

ōōel W

16 Apr 2021 – 15 May 2021

Art has no antonym. Even white, silence or emptiness can be art if they are used as forms of expression. Perhaps everything is art and only the smallest portion reaches the purpose. Our two rooms represent duality, which, unlike the opposite, can exist in the same being. Perhaps, the only opposite stated is privation or possession, in which you have the power to decide. Welcome... -·- El arte no tiene antónimo. Incluso lo blanco, el silencio o el vacío, pueden ser arte si se utilizan como formas de expresión. Quizás todo sea arte y sólo la mínima porción llegue al objetivo. Nuestras dos salas representan la dualidad, que a diferencia de lo contrario, pueden existir en un mismo ser. Tal vez, el único opuesto planteado sea la privación o la posesión, en el cual tú tienes el poder de decidir. Te damos la bienvenida...

Angle Art Collective


Findlay Galleries

Mary Sipp Green - The Vineyard


Colour me up

01 Jan 2021 – 31 Dec 2021

Anja Stemmer

Tachism Reloaded - Aktuelle Werke 20/21

21 Mar 2021 – 20 Apr 2021

Abstrakt expressive Malerei von Anja Stemmer. Werke des Tachismus und Action Painting mit dynamischen Formen und leuchtend- intensiver Farbigkeit. Abstract expressionist paintings by Anja Stemmer. Tachism and action painting -artworks with vivid colors and dynamic shapes.

Alberto Repetti


10 Apr 2021 – 30 May 2021

About Landscape. A research on the sign and the nature of the sign. A research on the representation of nature. Una mostra di lavori a penna sul paesaggio. Ricerca sul segno e sulla natura del segno. Una ricerca sulla rappresentazione della natura.

The Berman Museum of Art

Shannon Collis: Strata

22 Jan 2021 – 30 May 2021

"Strata," a multi-sensory installation by Canadian artist Shannon Collis, immerses visitors in an environment of deep sonic resonance and dynamic moving images that travel above and through Alberta’s Boreal Forest, the Athabasca River, and Fort McMurray to underscore the scale of the Fort Hills Suncor Oil Sands and Syncrude Oil Plant, the third-largest known crude bitumen reservoir on the planet. Presented as multi-screen sculptural projection with surround sound, "Strata" explores complex intersections of the social, the economic, and the environmental through contrasts between natural landscape and human industry, while highlighting nature’s persistence in the face of industrial exploitation. A former resident of Fort McMurray, Collis conceived "Strata" as a response to industrial interventions in the ecologically diverse area, and how they continue “to shape the surrounding environment and local community that have been so radically altered…” Taking a multilayered approach, reflective of the geological and sociological allusions of its title, "Strata" reveals “the human imprint on the region and the range of its social, economic, and environmental implications” through its immersive visual and sonic collage. "Strata’s" visceral address invites visitors to contemplate and process these issues at a time of unprecedented environmental urgency. Increasingly inured to statistics and images of our environmental impact, "Strata" offers an opportunity to feel and to witness this momentum, from a place of geographic remove. The Berman Museum of Art, in conjunction with the Ursinus College Museum Studies Curatorial Seminar, is pleased to host the debut of "Strata." "Strata" is co-curated by Museum Studies students Kristen Cooney, Justin Mitchell, and Katie Sanfield and advisors Meghan Tierney, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Art History, and Deborah Barkun, Ph.D., Creative Director, Berman Museum of Art. For more of Collis’s recent work, please consult her website: This project is supported by a 2019 Rubys Artist Grant, which is a program of the Robert W. Deutsch Foundation. More interactive content is available at

Brittanie Dial

Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice presents Survivors Speak: A Photo Journal

15 Apr 2021 – 31 Dec 2021

Do our current public safety priorities protect survivors of violent crime? Despite the billions of dollars spent each year on our criminal justice system, many crime survivors don’t see their needs or interests reflected in public safety policy. Survivors from neighborhoods most harmed by crime and violence - Black survivors, LatinX survivors and those from other underserved communities - have not only been disproportionately impacted but left out of traditional victim narratives. Where our criminal justice system has failed to bring healing and hope to the people and communities most harmed, though, many are stepping forward to create it themselves. Through the Survivors Speak photo journal, survivors of violent crime from across the country have shared their stories and their own visions for public safety. --- A project by Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice Photography and interviews by world-renowned artist and activist Saddi Khali. In partnership with the Art for Justice Fund. Project support and storytelling content compiled by Annie Whalen. Project support and gallery curation by Brittanie Dial. Special thanks to Lenore Anderson, Robert Rooks, Shakyra Diaz, Aswad Thomas, Mandela Jones, Kristina Villarini, Eris Eady, Ida Sefer, the entire Alliance for Safety and Justice family and every survivor leader across the country one who participated in this project. When #SurvivorsSpeak, Change Happens

Bruno Cerboni


05 Apr 2021 – 05 Apr 2023


Savremena Vrsac

Forme kao prostori (za) razmišljanja - Milan Nešić

05 Apr 2021 – 25 Apr 2021

Još od trenutka kad je početkom prošlog veka (1913) Dišan konceptualizovao praksu uvođenja predmeta (iz) svakodnevne upotrebe u korpus/kontekst umetnosti ― diskusije na temu odnosa između (svakodnevnih) predmeta sa jedne, odnosno tela/dela sa druge strane, nimalo ne gube na svojoj aktuelnosti. Među poglavljima te ― uvek aktuelne i nikad do kraja ispričane priče ― nalazi se i slikarski opus Milana Nešića, koji prisustvo materije (materijala) na crtežima i platnima koje radi uvodi već sa svojim ranim, studentskim radovima. Sam Nešić svoja platna radije naziva radovima nego slikama (Namerno se ograđujem od reči “slikarstvo” jer smatram da sam malo toga “naslikao”), na ovaj način naglašavajući upravo manuelni momenat, tačnije niz momenata koji podrazumevaju kombinovanje, apliciranje, lepljenje, kolažiranje,..., koji njegove slike približava kategoriji trodimenzionalnih (vizuelnih) objekata. Locirane u međuprostoru između slika i radova, ali i između slike i slikarstva ― Nešićeve vizuelne strukture, mentalne i fizičke/fizikalne propozicije i vežbe, ili, jednostavno rečeno, slike-objekti u formi vizuelnog dnevnika svedoče upravo o umetnikovoj (umetničkoj) svakodnevici kao dominantnoj "temi" i karakteristici ove umetnosti. Dnevnički karakter ovih slika-znakova akcentovan je činjenicom da na većini radova Nešić ispisuje i datume njihovog nastanka. Pri tom on ne prikazuje (još manje opisuje) svakodnevicu ― već istu, najpreciznije rečeno, registruje. Na ovaj način (trajno) memorisani, datumi nastanka Nešićevih slika prevazilaze sami sebe ― istovremeno funkcionišući kao njihovi naslovi ali, podjednako, i kao intimni dnevnički zapisi. Opredeljujući se za strategiju malih pomaka, opus Milana Nešića predstavlja kontinuirano kretanje i stalno nadograđivanje (gomilanje, svođenje, pročišćavanje, akumuliranje, ...) stilskog (formalnog) obrasca koji je ovom slikaru već obezbedio široku prepoznatljivost što samo po sebi uopšte nije mali domet. Nebojša Milenković O autoru Milan Nešić Rođen 1976. godine u Sremskoj Mitrovici. Upisao Fakultet likovnih umetnosti u Prištini 1997. godine. Diplomirao na Katedri za slikarstvo Akademije umetnosti u Novom Sadu u klasi prof. Jovana Rakidžića 2003. godine. Završio Master studije na Katedri za slikarstvo Akademije umetnosti u Novom Sadu 2015. Izlagao samostalno na 25 izložbi I učestvovao na preko 60 grupnih izložbi u zemlji I inostranstvu. Dobitnik godišnje nagrade Akademije umetnosti Novi Sad za slikarstvo 2003. godine I nagrade “Perspektivni” kao najbolji mladi stvaralac u kategoriji slikarstvo “Art Klinike” 2003. godine.

Arts Mid-Hudson

Leading with Artivism - Nestor Madalengoitia

06 Apr 2021 – 31 May 2021

Touchstone Gallery, since 1976

The Colors of Hope by David Sloane

07 Apr 2021 – 07 May 2021

“As spring shrugs off the dark COVID winter, and Americans are getting vaccinated in record numbers, I see a glimmer of hope that normal life is gradually returning. This recognition -- which struck me like a bolt of lightning shortly after the New Year -- prompted a frenzied effort to capture on canvas the welcome sense of hope and renewal welling up in me. The tantalizing prospect of again being able to resume the life I once took for granted (i.e., gathering with family and friends, going to the movies, or out to an art exhibit opening at Touchstone) is no longer an abstraction. We humans are returning from the abyss -- an abyss of hopelessness, death, distrust and fear. And that is worthy of celebration … in this case a visual celebration!” “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” Wassily Kandinsky “Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” Paul Gaugin “I found I could say things with color I couldn’t say in any other way -- things that I had no words for.” Georgia O'Keeffe “Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet.” Paul Klee To learn more about my work, please visit: Artist’s Website: Artist’s Instagram:



10 Apr 2021 – 15 May 2021

Kloser Contemporary Art


08 Apr 2021 – 30 Jun 2021

The show focuses on recent works of American-Congolese artist Bayunga Kialeuka.

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