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featured 3D exhibitions


Sala Virtual - Pedro Sandoval

01 Jan 2020 – 01 Jan 2023

Galerie Montmartre

ONEMIZER fait le mur

25 Jul 2020 – 25 Aug 2020

Discover the works on wood by French contemporary artist ONEMIZER. Bold an fun, each of the paintings is unique and original.


3D Gallery #1 / Limited Edition Art Prints

Galleri Torekov


25 Jul 2020 – 31 Jul 2020

Dwell Fine Art

I dream in color

31 Jul 2020 – 30 Sep 2020

Immerse yourself in a variety of color ways, textures and mark making and view the world through Chito Padilla's eyes. It is a heady tonic for the sun-parched hues of August.

Savremena Vrsac

Sretno drvo - izložba slika

30 Jul 2020 – 10 Aug 2020

Drvo, koje u raznim kulturama predstavlja simbol života, u mom slikarskom ciklusu život opisuje kao kreaciju i stvaranje, krug obilja i stalnu mijenu. Ukorijenjeno u zemlji koja ga hrani, drvo raste prema svjetlu, mijenjajući se kroz godišnja doba. Dom je pticama i kukcima, glazbalo vjetru i kiši, a čovjeku zaklon, mjesto odmora i okrjepe. Istražujući psihologiju boja, varirala sam motiv drveta kao živog organizma, prikazujući ga kao simbol vitalnosti i obnavljanja životnih energije. BIOGRAFIJA Edit Glavurtić rođena je 1965. u Splitu, a u Zagrebu živi od 1970. godine. Na Akademiji likovnih umjetnosti u Zagrebu, 1988. godine diplomirala slikarstvo u klasi prof. Đure Sedera. 1990. godine odlazi u Beč, gdje 1995. na „Schule fur Angewandte Kunst“ dobiva titulu magistra umjetnosti. Slike je izlagala na mnogim samostalnim izložbama u Hrvatskoj i Austriji. Članica je HDLU-a (Hrvatsko društvo likovnih umjetnika) EDIT GLAVURTIĆ, AKADEMSKA SLIKARICA 1965: rođena u Splitu 1984 Završila Školu primjenjene umjetnosti u Zagrebu, odjel slikarstva 1988 Diplomirala na Akademiji likovnih umjetnosti u Zagrebu, odjel slikarstva, klasa prof. Đuro Seder 1988- 1990 surađivala kao asistentica scenografie u crtanoj seriji “Mali leteći medvjedići”, kooprodukcija Zagreb filma i kanadske televizije 1995. Magistrat na „Schule für Angewandte Kunst“ u Beču 1997 počinje slikati Anđele Od 2003 živi i radi kao slobodna umjetnica u Zagrebu i Beču Članica LIKUM-a i HDLU-a SAMOSTALNE IZLOŽBE: 1989. Galerija „Mundus“, Wien, ulja na platnu 1989. Galerija „Nikola Tesla“, Zagreb, akvareli 1989. Galerija „Fokus“, Mokrin, Vojvodina, crteži, akvareli 1994: Galerija „Kristina Hartman“,Beč, akvareli 1995: Galerija „Studio“, Beč, akvareli, 1996: Banka Bawag, Beč, akvareli 1998: „Bank Austria“, Beč, akvareli 2002: „ Amerlinghaus“, Beč, ulja na platnu 2005: „Cheops“,Beč, ulja na platnu 2006: „Kuga“, Großwarasdorf, Burgenland, ulja na platnu 2007: Vila „Scheier“, Čakovec, „Anđeli“ 2007: Galerija „Kontura“, Zagreb, „Anđeli nas zovu“ Ulja na platnu 2008: Etnografski Muzej, Zagreb, „Anđeli nas zovu“, Ulja na platnu 2008: Pučko učilište u Vrbovcu, „Naši anđeli“, Ulja na platnu 2008 „Atelje A&A“, Bjelovar, „Vrijeme anđela“ 2008: Galerija Balen”, Slavonski Brod, “Anđeli” 2009: Galerija “Zvonimir” Solin 2009: Galerija “Ulrich”, Zagreb 2011: Galerija Sv. Krševana, Šibenik 2011: Galerija grada Krapine, Krapina 2012: Europski dom, Zagreb 2017: Pučko otvoreno učilište, Zelina, “Anđeli” 2018: Pučko otvoreno učilište Vbovec, “Život je lijep” 2018: Gradska galerija Jastrebarsko, “Anđeli” 2019: Galerija Osmjeha, Zagreb, “Život je lijep” 2020: POU- MAR Nova Gradiška, “Skice iz Edena” SKUPNE IZLOZBE: 1987: Galerija „Janko Misic“, Samobor, ulja na platnu 1987: Galerija „Skolska knjiga“, Zagreb, ulja na platnu 1988. Galerija „Klek“ , ulja na platnu 1988: Galerija „Vladimir Nazor“, Zagreb, ulja na platnu 1994: Galerija „Kristina Hartman“, Beč, akvareli 1996: Galerija „Prisma“, Beč, akvareli 1996: Galerija „Prisma“, Beč, akvareli 1997: Galerija „Prisma“, Beč, akvareli 2007: Etnografski muzej, Zagreb, “Čudesni svijet anđela” 2008: "Austrijska veza", hrvatski likovni umjetnici u Austrjii Galerija "Vladimir Filakovac, Zagreb KONTAKT Nalješkovićeva 5 10 000 Zagreb Tel: 098 408 260

Cowart Fine Art


01 Aug 2020 – 31 Oct 2020

This is an exhibition of my latest abstract paintings. The tour takes you through three different areas of Interest, all having to do with nature. My passion for walking in fields, the magic of reflections in water, and the way city buildings remind me of canyons in the western part of the United States. Nature is my muse.

Touchstone Gallery

Landscape as Metaphor by Elaine Florimonte

01 Aug 2020 – 31 Aug 2020

Artist Elaine Florimonte exhibits a collection of her abstract landscape paintings. Florimonte’s work is created through layers of collage and paint, balancing abstraction with precision. Her subject matter is derived from memory and is often a metaphor for the nature of human relationship. Most recently that imagery has included trees which represent the impact one life has on another. Learn more about Elaine at

Bernard Jacobson Gallery

Robert Motherwell - prints

01 Aug 2020 – 01 Nov 2020

MOZAIK Philanthropy

The Future Art Awards

An Arts-based Journey to Reflect, Reset, and Reimagine the Future From animation to sculpture, film to the spoken word, murals, paintings, photography, mixed-media, political performance pieces, and even comedic satire, The Future Art Awards candidly explores a captured reflection of our times, offering new pathways of thinking, new modes of learning, and a virtual platform for the celebration of our creative reimagining of a more free world. The exhibition features the works of 50 artists across the United States, including ten featured artists and 40 special mention artists across a diverse spectrum of mediums and creative expressions.

Forgotten LIves

Abandoned Lives

20 Jul 2020 – 30 Aug 2020

A Virtual Photographic Exhibition by Ian Russell of Forgotten Lives. A series of images capturing not just a decayed space, but of forgotten lives. Ian strives to capture the emotion behind the abandoned, the forgotten things left behind. This is the ethos of 'Abandoned Lives', Ians second photographic exhibition. As you view the images Ian will take you on an emotional and visual journey through the abandoned to view the contrast between life and death as he helps you to see and hear the echoes of past lives, dreams and emotions.

Altro Mondo


24 Jul 2020 – 26 Aug 2020

Hope is a series of paintings that represent the duality of perspectives in response to the current events happening in the world. Jerry Buccat’s work reveals a fatalistic and cynical approach to the current conditions of the world. His canvases admonish the environmentally destructive circumstances that pervade our society and how this led to the creation of the deadly virus that’s wreaking havoc in every corner of the globe today. On the other hand, Herwin Buccat’s work chooses to dwell on the positive, particularly on the significance of hope. His viewpoint reveals a system of reason and consequence, and a benevolent side to Mother Nature that will inevitably heal us and in turn, heal itself. Hope manifests itself as a powerful weapon against the virus and an opportunity for rehabilitation. Both artists intend for the exhibit to serve as a wakeup call and a beckoning to listen to the environment we continue to destroy, but that which sustains us and gives us life.

Lisa Marie


27 Jul 2020 – 09 Aug 2020

CELEBRATING 40 YEARS WITH 40 PHOTOGRAPHS In the Lockdown of 2020 in London, Lisa Marie, an abstract artist, was confined to her small flat in the centre of the city. For her, the artistic process could not stop, so she continued to make work with what she had. The constraints were a part of the process that she knew well as a designer in film & TV. She wanted to celebrate her impending 40th birthday milestone in July by creating her first exhibition showcasing this lockdown art, finally feeling confident of her own voice as an artist and finding the determination to launch her work in a time of global 'gloomth'. Abstraction is key to Lisa Marie’s process. It is an act of liberation, an act of transformation that allows us to return to the familiar but see and experience something wholly new. It speaks to that which cannot be intellectualised, that which must be felt. Lisa Marie used photography to explore abstraction whilst trapped indoors. She used whatever was in her home and after three months, a set of 40 photographs emerged that used simply her iPhone camera, left-over modelmaking supplies, her inkjet printer and sunshine. She was inspired by the work of artists Florence Henri, Dora Maurer, Uta Barth, and Eileen Quinlan. Here she presents 5 series of works, 'Sunshine', 'Mise en abyme', 'Shadow Modulator', 'Surface Detail' and 'Light Box'.

"Category is..."

15 Jul 2020 – 08 Aug 2020

In partnership with The Trevor Project, we are pleased to showcase a benefit exhibition with 15% of sales donated to the organisation offering a beacon of light to the LGBTQ+ community. Presented by Pop Fine Art / Future DMND and curated by Andreas Stylianou and Issa Ababseh.

Cunningham Contemporary

Light Under the Ocean

22 Jul 2020 – 19 Aug 2020

Jed Gil is an interdisciplinary artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa. His practice explores the history and contemporary navigations of place, space and time through landscapes and their connections to digital geographies. The exhibition LIGHT UNDER THE OCEAN is a reflection and investigation into online architectures and ecologies. With more of our ontology being pushed online what will the results of this mass experiment be and how are we negotiating the ethics of this new attention economy? Each work in the show acts as a physical instantiation of a moment in the development of the early Internet, throwing into relief the disparity between the ’69 -90s Internet and the social Internet that followed. The works also draw attention to the materiality of the system itself - an aspect often overlooked.

Christo Kasabov

Christo Kasabov 3D Exhibition Figurative&Abstract Works

23 Jul 2020 – 13 Oct 2020

The paintings are an original handmade contemporary figurative and abstract expressionism, surrealism. The artworks have a surface rich of colors and acrylic impasto elements carved symbols and words into the layers of realistic and abstract artistic implementation. The structure, the shape and the composition of the paintings are a reflection of my philosophy, aesthetic artistic style and feeling.

Slate Gray Gallery

Carol Arnold | Heart of the Hill Country

Identified by Southwest Art Magazine as one of 10 Lone Star Artists to watch, Carol Arnold is experiencing a meteoric rise. A native of Kerrville, Texas, Carol captures the legendary beauty of the Hill Country and Texas West with eloquent pastel work.

Casa Equis

“U”, Jorge Rosano Gamboa

25 Jul 2020 – 19 Aug 2020

El trabajo de Jorge Rosano Gamboa ha usado en los últimos años el cianotipo como excusa para explorar nuevos territorios a partir de acciones fotográficas. “U” es la simplificación gráfica de un pliegue y el punto de partida de esta nueva muestra de representaciones de una tridimensionalidad atrapada en imagen, memorias reveladas en los pliegues del tejido espacio-tiempo.

Phylicia Ghee

Phylicia Ghee: 2020 Janet & Walter Sondheim Artscape Finalist Exhibition

06 Jun 2020 – 31 Aug 2020

My work documents transition, explores healing, ritual and ceremonial rites of passage. I’m interested in the intersection between the physical and the spiritual, as well as the transitional space between birth and death. This exhibition is an exploration in both grief and self-directed healing. It all evolved from a desire to see liberation for black lives. To see us healing and thriving; to honor those we have lost. The energy of transition and death is definitely present in the space, but it is in conversation with this idea of windows and portals. For me, the video works on the two opposite walls, “The Site of Memory” and “8:46” function like windows into moments from my life. Most of those moments were documented during this pandemic period; gardening with my Grandfather, paying reverence to my ancestors, writing prayers for my mother, making herbal remedies, exploring how I care for myself and how we care for one another during these deep challenges and moments of grief and bereavement. The large-scale earth spiral “The Immeasurable Truth”, made of sea salt and compost from my Grandfather’s garden — which he made with dried leaves from this past Fall — appears to flow in or out of the alcove in the center of the room. This is to reference the veil between worlds; the physical and the spiritual. It’s not evident whether the spiral is going or coming. This simultaneous ebb and flow, this collapsing of time and space, to me, is like a complex poetry representing the lives and the unknown truths of history living in the soil and in the sea; making manifestation both in this realm and beyond. So it’s not so much a question of living or dying, but of traversing physical, psychological and spiritual realms; and living on through re-memory with a cyclical understanding of life. In this space I wanted to be able to touch on the inter-dimensionality and spiritual power of black lives, and to honor black, brown and indigenous lives ripped from us by the continual violences committed against us, both presently and historically. This exhibition is entitled “WE ARE THE INFINITE, DISGUISED AS THE FINITE”. This title functions as a declaratory statement, a reclamation and a threat. In other words, you cannot kill us or erase us; you cannot silence us, we are infinite, we will thrive. I share various photographs documenting a rite of passage and hair cutting ceremony entitled “Grounding Ceremony” in addition to a mixed media (in-progress) quilt and collaboration with my Grandmother entitled “Genetic Memory”. My hair, which I cut during “Grounding Ceremony” ( and its seen laying on the earth beside me in the panoramic photograph on the left as you first walk into the space) is sewn into the quilt (7 years later) amongst photographs of my family and my mother’s brain scans printed on fabric, framed by Bògòlanfini and hung on drift wood. This demonstrates how narratives, materials and elements continue over various works, sometimes spanning years. I created five new works for this exhibition. One of my favorite moments in the exhibition is a photo I took of my Grandmother, called “Grandma”. It is situated above a poem by Lucille Clifton entitled, “I am accused of tending to the past.” This makes me think of my lineage and of black women being at the forefront of tending to falsified histories and constant erasures, but remaining strong in the midst of challenges sprouting from seeds they did not plant. 8:46 is a visual prayer named for the approximate amount of time the officer kneeled on George Floyd's neck ultimately killing him. Moving images that overlap are anchored by one image depicting me breathing. Other images of moments from my life both during the pandemic, and some from years prior, are layered together creating a montage of inherited and learned restorative healing practices. These are seeds of longevity, acts of protection, catharsis and self, family, community and cultural preservation. These overlapping moving images are overlaid by the sound of me breathing and praying for 8 minutes and 46 seconds. Essentially this is 8 minutes and 46 seconds of reverence. A visual and auditory medicine for times of grief. My hope is that by breathing for this time, this encourages the viewer to breathe as well; activating the parasympathetic nervous system and shifting the internal state of the body from one of stress to one of calm. This is also cleansing, clearing and oxygenating the cells, ultimately having a positive effecting on the heart, the brain, the digestive system and the immune system. This is reinforcing that we need to be well to show up fully in this revolution (breathing, taking care of self etc.), especially in the face of such brutality, sickness and hatred. also my grandfather’s, my grandmother’s, my mother’s, and that of those who came before us. Ultimately, I am here to unearth the deep well of ever-replenishing strength, resilience, and joy that lives in our bones and in the back corridors of our hearts. To ritualize the mundane, and to rediscover peace, wonder and happiness for us all. We are healing.

Terese Andersson

Lambda (Λλ) - Terese Andersson

13 Jul 2020 – 31 Dec 2020

In Greek Numerals Lambda has the value of 30. Combinations of dependent variables, is what Lambda exhibition, represent in it's versatile color World's, in each artwork, by Terese Andersson. Accelerating expansion of the universe, is what, Lambda exhibition, wants to bring forward, to the open.

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