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Create high-quality 3D exhibitions with your art.
Share them with collectors, friends and everybody else.
Embed them into your own website or blog.

The art industry-leading tool to plan, curate and create captivating 3D exhibitions

Create a 3D Exhibition with ART.SPACES

Choose and configure beautiful spaces.

  • Select from a variety of 3D spaces included in your KUNSTMATRIX plan.
  • Buy special environments from the Marketplace to elevate your online viewing room experience

Curate and arrange artworks in ready-to-use virtual 3D spaces.

KUNSTMATRIX offers 15 ready-to-use 3D exhibition spaces that come free with your account. You can choose between themes to match and elevate your art exhibition with a complementary 3D space.

#55 | Fifty-five

240m² | 6m wall height

#52 | Fifty-two

400m² | 6m/3.2m wall height

#29 | Twenty-nine

320m² | 3,4 / 7m wall height

#154 | 100 fifty-four

200m² | 6m wall height

Curate art <span>online</span>. Save time offline

Curate art online.
Save time offline.

The new art of curation - Curate your exhibition virtually, prepare variations and use it to plan and discuss. And when you are finished, your exhibition is ready for publishing.

  • Upload images and add artwork information.
  • Choose a 3D space or get a custom space.
  • Use the tools to plan, curate, present and document your exhibitions.

Present Art

Online exhibitions open up new opportunities for presenting your art to a global audience.

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artspaces runs on nearly all smartphoness
artspaces runs on nearly all smartphoness

Place your art.
Make it match.

Arrange and curate your artworks in your virtual 3D Space. You can choose between wall colors to match your art in the Exhibition.

Take it to the next level with ART.SERVICES.

Customize and
let it stand out.

We offer a comprehensive custom service that is tailored to meet your individual requirements. Our expert team of architects are skilled in bringing any space you can imagine to life, and then taking it a step further. Whether it's minor adjustments or completely bespoke 3D custom rooms, we provide full support to ensure your next exhibition is a full success.

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Visit the featured 3D exhibitions created by Kunstmatrix users. Get your exhibition featured here by showing us your best work and what you can do with the tools.


3D Exhibitions

The virtual tool to to curate, present and archive artworks in outstanding 3D exhibitions.

Art.Augmented App

3D Art App

Present art at any place without any logistics with our Augmented Reality technology. Get the App for iOS or Android.


Inventory Management

Organize and categorize art and track the state of your complete portfolio.


Sales Management

Manage contacts, art, activities and sales with our customer-relationship management system.



Limited Features

no public 3D Exhibition




Storage for 50 works of art

5 public 3D Exhibitions




Storage for 250 works of art

10 public 3D Exhibitions




Storage for 500 works of art

50 public 3D Exhibitions



Customization, Services and
Enterprise Solutions

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All included features are addons to your account. These features can change.
If these packages are too small and don’t fit your needs, please contact us for an individual offer for bigger packages.
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Stand out with 3D spaces from the marketplace.

Extend the Kunstmatrix experience by adding more spaces and props to your tool kit. From buying spaces to full customizations, we got you covered. No matter the size.

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