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Outside In

Layers of Creativity – Outside In Collection curated by Jo Baring

16 Sep 2021 – 13 Jan 2022

o is the director of the Ingram Collection of Modern British & Contemporary Art, a former director of Christie’s UK and the co-host of the podcast ‘Sculpting Lives’ – which was recommended as a top arts podcast by the Royal Academy, Evening Standard and The Guardian among others. She has also curated exhibitions at museums and galleries across the UK, is a fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and a trustee of the arts charities Artists Collecting Society and ArtCan. Layers of Creativity will feature work by 14 artists from Outside In’s collection and showcases its ‘real breadth of materials’ from textiles and unusual materials, to abstraction and traditional figuration.



The Voice of Art

Member Show - Fall 2021

15 Sep 2021 – 19 Oct 2021


euphoria utopia

16 Sep 2021 – 30 Sep 2021

[전시 개요] 전시명: ephoria utopia 참여 작가: 강시욱(Shuk__o) 기간: 2021.09.16.~09.30 전시 장소: 주최: artstream 프로젝트명: Half & Half #3 총괄 기획: 배서희

Plus One Gallery

Celebrating 20 Years

16 Sep 2021 – 16 Sep 2022

Wendy Grace


17 Sep 2021 – 11 Oct 2021

A collection of Abstract paintings that investigate colour, pattern and abstraction. Brilliant compositions of colour that create energy and movement reflecting variations in pigment, pattern and texture of paint that experiment with the process of mark-making and colour. Organic compositions that capture my feelings experienced over the last several months of isolation and provided an escape from reality.



21 Sep 2021 – 11 Oct 2021

生田宏司 銅版畫展Koji IKUTA Mezzotint Exhibition 亞億藝術空間線上展廳帶來2021最新作品以及經典之作。藝術家透過生活日常的敏銳觀察力與細膩技法刻畫出栩栩如生、充滿生命力的作品。藝術家透過生活日常的敏銳觀察力與細膩技法刻畫出栩栩如生、充滿生命力的作品。 源於17世紀誕生於歐洲銅版畫Mezzotint(美柔汀)技法、亦稱黑的技法,利用搖點刀將銅版版面咬出無數細點,再以磨刀刮磨版面細點的方式,作出深淺黑白不同層次,使銅版印製時產生名變化的中間調子,呈現柔美的效果,今日美柔汀版畫是現代版畫藝術銅版畫表現的重要一環。 日本藝術家生田宏司的作品,從早期表現枯木的系列,一直至今以自然生態靜物題材衍變的內容,描繪的動物主角貓頭鷹,花鳥,小動物……等,透過貓頭鷹為主題表達出人類的靈性與內在,貓頭鷹如同藝術家的化身。 經歷 1953年 日本山形縣出生。多摩美術大學繪畫科日本畫專攻畢業 第一屆國際迷你版畫展 (首席獎・1991年也同時獲得該獎)美國 日法現代美術展(藝術讀賣獎) 1989年 中華民國版畫雙年展 文建會主委獎(作品收藏於國立台中美術館) 每年在日本國內各地展出、2000年起至今每年於法國舉行個展、聯展 收藏 史密森尼博物館Arthur M. Sackler畫廊(美國) 洛杉磯郡博物館(美國) 羅伯遜藝術與科學中心(美國) 多比藝術博物館(法國) Ticotin藝術博物館(ßSlael) 行政樓文化建設委員會(台灣) 當代版畫博物館(挪威) 克拉科夫國家藝術博物館(波蘭) 千葉縣立美術館(日本) 佐倉市藝術博物館(日本)

Museum of Latin American Art (MOLAA)

AltaMed + MOLAA 25th anniversary

25 Sep 2021 – 31 Dec 2021

This exhibition celebrates the first 25 years of the Museum of Latin American Art, as well as its exciting future for the next 25 years and more. AltaMed Health Services is honored by the museum’s invitation to join in this celebration by incorporating works from its own collection. Since 1969, we have delivered medical services to communities across Southern California because we believe that healthy individuals build strong communities, which is essential to a bright future. By bringing our collections together, we affirm our common vision for the future of Latin American, Latino/x, and Chicano/x art, and our belief in the importance of partnership. The 25 works of art on exhibit from AltaMed are mostly by Chicano/x artists—the foundation of the AltaMed Art Collection—but also show diverse representation. We believe that the future must be one of unity and solidarity, as exemplified in the painting Unidos (2016) by Eloy Torrez.

阿波羅畫廊 Apollo Art Gallery

黃法誠個展 Solo Exhibition by HUANG Fa-Cheng

黃法誠曾獲得台北獎&高雄獎的新銳藝術家黃法誠也是2014年「構圖台灣」的首獎得主。他以周遭的場域、環境和物件作為題材,代表取代或控制自然的文明象徵,同時畫面呈現人的行為姿態,表達出藝術家對文明的矛盾和疑問。 2017年黃法誠至北極圈Ivalo小鎮旅行。冰天雪地的寒帶,對於居住熱帶的藝術家而言,有種既真實又非真實之感,形成強烈的對比。反思文明之間的距離,及隱含的問題。 HUANG Fa-Chen is an emerging artist who won the Taipei Award and Kaohsiung Award, and received the first price of the 2014 “Go To Taiwan - Art Award”. He uses the surrounding fields, environment, and objects around him as themes to represent the symbol of civilization that replaces or controls nature. At the same time, the pictures shows people's behavior and gestures, expressing the artist's contradictions and questions about civilization. 瞭解更多 more information:


Zboruri între ziduri/ Flights between walls

21 Sep 2021 – 21 Oct 2021

„VOLATUS INTER MUROS” Expoziția de față nu este doar o înșiruire de metafore ci o formă de comunicare, apărută ca o necesitate de adaptare a lumii de astăzi, și anume la nevoia timpului de spațiu. Da, am spus bine, timpul nostru are nevoie de spațiu său ! O lume firească cu perspective universale, care să se familiarizeze cu subtilitățile vieții. O formulă în care umanul poate conține tone de sublim, puncte esențiale de transparență, de senzual și foarte multe tonuri ceremoniale de sensibilitate. Expoziția cuprinde geografii inedite și sentimente îndrăznețe, promovate de într-un spațiu contemporan, cu notații fine de lirism, unde boala planetei dispare odată cu structura existențială a măștilor și nu mai devine o povară dramatică, permanentă și existențială. O constantă a acestei expoziții este filonul rar al conștiinței artistice, un echilibru între expresie și viziune. E adevărat că fiecarec artist are o estetică delimitată, dar atât existențialismul plastic nu deformează realitate și doar o recompune într-o fantezie care delimiteză teritorii artistice personale. ,, Zborul între ziduri” este un refugiu de semne estetice care există , astăzi, în ,, poezia” lui Liviu Șoptelea, Silvia Chirilă, Roni Reuven, Oara Larisa Mutu Mindoiu, Andrei Coptil, Ion Ciuta, Cătălin Barbu, Dorel Dinișoară și Florin Preda-Dochinoiu. Cei 9 artiști inagurează un spațiu nou, un spațiu liric modern , adevarat, rupând legăturile formale ( ale) sacrificiului , ca punct de pornire al mitului, pentru alegerile și sacrificiile generațiilor viitoare. This exhibition is not just a sequence of metaphors, but a way of communication arising as a need to adapt to today’s world, namely to the needs of space-time. Yes, I name it right, our time needs its space! A typical world with universal perspectives to get acquainted with the subtleties of life. A formula in which humans can contain tones of sublime, essential transparency points, sensual, and full of ceremonial tons of sensibility. The exhibition includes unique geographies and bold feelings, promoted by Gallery 13 in a contemporary space with magnificent notations of lyricism where planet disease disappears with the existential structure of masks and no longer becomes a dramatic, permanent and existential burden. „Flights between walls” is a refugee of estetic signs which exists, today, in „poetry” of Liviu Șoptelea, Silvia Chirilă, Roni Reuven, Oara Larisa Mutu Mindoiu, Andrei Coptil, Ion Ciuta, Cătălin Barbu, Dorel Dinișoară and Florin Preda-Dochinoiu. The nine artists inaugurate a new space, a modern-lyric space, factual, breaking the formal bonds of sacrifice, as a starting point of myth for sacrifices and choices of future generations.


제31회 한국파스텔화 공모대전

13 Sep 2021 – 03 Nov 2021

제31호 한국파스텔화 공모대전

Jutta Brandt-Stracke


12 Sep 2021 – 17 Oct 2021

Ein bisschen Herbst schon in den Bäumen..... Ist da ein kurzer Blick auf das Arbeitsjahr 2021 bereits gestattet? Diese Ausstellung ermöglicht den Rückblick auf ein paar Schlaglichter der Präsentationen dieses Jahres, aber auch auf frühere Arbeiten, zu denen eine Verwandtschaft besteht. So ergeben sich spannende Verknüpfungen, von denen ich hoffe, dass sie Ihnen Freude bereiten. Musikalisch begleitet Sie Josh Woodward (

Christoph Schneider

Arbeitsbilder - Photographien Christoph Schneider

Martin Delaney & Lily Lucia Gallery

Thomas Vangarde - Strawberry

13 Sep 2021 – 18 Oct 2021

Vangarde works with his regular phone, using naive techniques to capture the subtle beauties of the luscious strawberry. Being allergic to the humble fruit, Vangarde utilises the plastic glove to create a dichotomy between the tactile nature of the natural object and the power it can have over human physicality. Vangarde attributes no meaning to the images and this creates a fascinating critical space for the strawberry voyeur. All of the fruits are distorted or damaged in some way, perhaps reflecting the transience of the fragile transience of the body. HIs former band mate said of one of the images, ‘That’s a big ass strawberry’ - at once playful and child-like in its innocence, the strawberry represents our humour and voluptuous sense of vitality.

Free Art Room

Internal Forms 33 - Digital Art

Digital Art

Kirkland Artists' Association

Art in the Making

15 Sep 2021 – 15 Oct 2021

art by the Kirkland Artists' Association members

September Gray Fine Art Gallery


13 Sep 2021 – 31 Oct 2021

Antonio Carreno is an abstract painter who honors the traditions of surrealism in Latin art histories. He studied at the National School of Fine Arts in Santo Domingo, his native home.  Carreno describes his work as full of lyricism, spirituality, playfulness, and expressiveness. Art critics have suggested that his paintings portray concepts of writing in code and transmitting sacred messages. His most current body of work witnesses to mysteries of his subconscious and spotlights his approach to free expression.


Fleur d'amour

13 Sep 2021 – 24 Sep 2021

The paintings are becoming flowers of love and they make love blossom around the world. When we touch the love in us, we can just feel the richness and generosity of nature and the strength of creativity itself. Accept your holiness, power and beauty as it is. You can just receive and enjoy the joy of living with your whole body. The feeling of mixing and melting that you are experiencing when you are sharing love, the feeling when heat spreads from the depths of my heart when I draw a picture. A sense of unity with great love. The joy of feeling love itself. Each of us connected to the path of light that leads to great love. The sparking delight itself when touching that love was expressed in the works. A paintings created with prayer so that we can enjoy and resonate with the door of love.

Atelier Roshi GmbH

joyous unfolding of the unpredictable

16 Sep 2021 – 16 Jan 2022

Junior Rodriguez was born in 1976 in San Jose, Costa Rica. His interest in art began during his early teen years in school, in what was then called, plastic arts class. Having spent most of his summers by the sea, his love for surfing developed at a young age. At 19 years old, Junior left Costa Rica on his own, and moved to The United States. It was during his 8 years in New York, that Junior’s love of art became his passion. Exploring the incredibly diverse art museums of New York opened a world of color, texture and possibilities. He began a self-taught journey, experimenting with different mediums and techniques, which would lead to the unique style you can see in his art today. After 8 years in New York, Junior came back to his homeland with a new set of eyes and the desire to create art that had the power to make people feel what he feels when in the water … ALIVE. Junior is known for his vibrantly colored surf art. As an avid surfer, elements of surf exist in almost all his paintings, including his signature surf board. Each painting is a representation of life and being alive – with elements of water, earth, emotion and movement. Where each wave ends, another begins … and so goes his paintings. What makes his paintings so unique is that he allows his imagination to flow, without thought or judgement … he just paints what’s in his mind in that moment. The result allows the viewer a very real, raw human connection. It is life - the beauty and the pain, the calm and the chaos, the determined and the unpredictable. Just as one can find themselves staring at the endless sea, entranced by the depths and mystery, the same experience happens when looking at a Junior Rodriguez painting. Layered and textured with color after color, each time you experience something different. Junior’s intentions as an artist are to create colorful art that makes people feel connected and happy. Junior now lives and works in Tamarindo, Costa Rica, where he has recently opened his own gallery, Art Gallery Café.

Galerie LeonART

TERNI Drei zusammen

17 Sep 2021 – 24 Oct 2021

TERNI Drei zusammen

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