Benoît Singy

Benoît Singy's artistic work is rooted in a deep awareness of nature, in particular the vibrations of light and the forms that emerge from it. The places where he works and the seasons are therefore crucial.

The painter plays with the expressive power of depth of field to reveal the generous plasticity of the materials.

His practice and mastery of artistic and craftsmanship techniques allow us to discover in Benoît Singy's works a unique and outstanding approach to the themes of memory and anchoring, generally emphasized by a strong gesture.

Over time, Benoît Singy's abstract works reveal the painterly imprint of a place, a trace or an emotion.

Benoît Singy discovered modern painting as a teenager. After the Fri-Art Contemporary Art exhibition held in his hometown in 1981, he embarked on an artistic career.

After completing his studies, he divided his activities between architecture and the creation of art. Since the 2000s, he has been developing projects and exhibitions in the field of conceptual art with the APC Gallery in Fribourg, Switzerland.

A few years later, he returned full-time to painting, his childhood passion. The Artist starts new collaborations with international galleries. His works are already part of Private Collections.

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