INTAC: Transformations 2022 - 3D virtual exhibition by International Art Collaborations Network

INTAC: Transformations 2022

Do, 04/07/2022Mi, 06/15/2022

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The Transformations exhibition presents the collaborative projects created by students in the International Art Collaboration Network program during the 2021-22 year. Groups have developed their concepts and art works together based on what transformation means to them in these changing times. The exhibition represents eight months of collaborative, virtual interactions.

Participants are from Chung-Ang University (S. Korea), the National Institute of Design (India), OCAD University (Canada), Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finland), Universidad Autonoma del Estado de México (México), University of Europe for Applied Sciences (Germany) and Wuhan Textile University (China).

The installation in the virtual gallery was created collaboratively with coordination from Ariadna del Angel and Michel Bonilla from UAEMex. @intac_project

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