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Erstellen Sie hochwertige 3D-Ausstellungen mit Ihrer Kunst.
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Das führende Tool der Kunstbranche zum Planen, Kuratieren und Erstellen hochwertiger 3D-Ausstellungen

Hochwertige, optimierte Ausstellungsräume.

  • Eine Vielzahl von Räumen sind im Account enthalten und können sofort genutzt werden und nach Bedarf angepasst werden.
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Kuratieren und präsentieren Sie Kunstwerke in sofort verfügbaren virtuellen 3D-Räumen.

KUNSTMATRIX bietet 15 integrierte Ausstellungsräume, die in jedem Abo enthalten sind. Sie können zwischen verschiedenen Raumfarben wählen und Ihre Kunst in einem passenden 3D-Raum präsentieren.

#55 | Fifty-five

240m² | 6m wall height

#52 | Fifty-two

400m² | 6m/3.2m wall height

#29 | Twenty-nine

320m² | 3,4 / 7m wall height

#154 | 100 fifty-four

200m² | 6m wall height

Curate art <span>online</span>. Save time offline

Kuratieren Sie Kunst online.
Sparen Sie Zeit offline.

Die neue Kunst des Kuratierens - Kuratieren Sie Ihre Ausstellung virtuell, bereiten Sie Varianten vor und nutzen Sie sie zum Planen und Diskutieren. Und wenn Sie fertig sind, haben Sie eine Ausstellung, die Sie sofort veröffentlichen können.

  • Laden Sie Bilder hoch und fügen Sie Informationen zum Werk hinzu.
  • Wählen Sie einen 3D-Raum oder lassen Sie einen individuellen Raum gestalten.
  • Nutzen Sie die Werkzeuge, um Ihre Ausstellungen zu planen, zu kuratieren, zu präsentieren und zu dokumentieren.

Kunst präsentieren

Präsentieren Sie Ihre Kunst, wo immer Sie sind - ohne zusätzlichen logistischen Aufwand. Auf einem PC oder einem mobilen Gerät, in Ihrem Büro oder auf der Straße, und natürlich auf Ihrer eigenen Website.

artspaces runs on nearly all smartphones
artspaces runs on nearly all smartphones

Ihre Kunst.
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Arrangieren und kuratieren Sie Ihre Kunst im virtuellen 3D-Raum. Wählen Sie die Raumfarbe, die am optimal zu Ihren Kunstwerken passt.

Gehen Sie den nächsten Schritt mit ART.SERVICES.

Individuelle Räume,
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Wir bieten einen umfassenden Service an, der auf Ihre individuellen Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten ist. Unser fachkundiges Architektenteam ist in der Lage, jeden Raum, den Sie sich vorstellen können, zum Leben zu erwecken. Ob kleine Anpassungen oder komplett maßgeschneiderte 3D-Räume - wir bieten umfassende Unterstützung, damit Ihre nächste Ausstellung ein voller Erfolg wird.

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Besuchen Sie 3D-Ausstellungen von Kunstmatrix-Benutzern. Zeigen Sie uns Ihre beste Arbeit und was Sie mit den Tools gestaltet haben, damit Ihre Ausstellung hier präsentiert wird.

Lyndal Curtis


Images from Tasmania. From the stunning Freycinet Peninsula to Bruny Island where the land meets the Southern Ocean.

Randy Johnson

People & Places | Africa



18 Sep 2023 – 03 Oct 2023


Arts Crossroad Online Gallery

Sound of colours

20 Sep 2023 – 20 Oct 2023

Welcome to our fourth online exhibition, "Sound of Colours," where we are thrilled to present the enthralling works of German artist Katharina Dustmann. Dustmann is no ordinary artist; her name has become synonymous with innovation, depth, and the fusion of auditory and visual landscapes. With a career spanning over four decades, she has been a luminary in multiple realms of artistry, including painting, photography, and installations. What sets Katharina Dustmann apart is her unique ability to blend visual and auditory components seamlessly. Since 1989, she has been uniting these elements in music theater, film, and multimedia projects. Her 2018 venture into KLANGBILDER/SOUND OF COLORS has elevated this sensory integration to a new level, where specially composed music accompanies her paintings, thereby creating a synesthetic experience for the viewer. In Katharina's philosophy, the essence of photography lies in perception, dialogue, and creation. For her, each composition transcends mere technicality, becoming a visual language that challenges the observer to see the world anew. In an era obsessed with perfection, Katharina encourages us to discover the unusual in the ordinary. She believes that true art lies in simplicity and experimentation, and her works serve as a testament to this credo. Join us in this online exhibition as we delve into the captivating world of Katharina Dustmann. We hope you enjoy your visit!



19 Sep 2023 – 02 Oct 2023

Women United ART MOVEMENT is proud to present PERSONAL NARRATIVE a solo exhibit by ALLISON MERIWETHER Personal Narrative comprises a profoundly symbolic collection of artwork delving into memories, reflections, and emotions linked to deeply manful experiences throughout my personal life. ARTIST BIO Allison received her BFA from Spring Hill College and attended graduate school at New York University and Long Island University where she obtained a master’s degree in fine arts. She now creates full-time in her Knoxville studio while teaching high school. Her work has been shown in several galleries throughout the United States. She has exhibited internationally in galleries in Seoul, Korea. Select pieces of her work are on permanent display at the Osceola Center for the Arts in Kissimmee, Florida and at the RCA Gallery in Washington, DC. She is a member of the Portrait Society of America and the Arts and Culture Alliance of Greater Knoxville. ARTIST STATEMENT Drawing inspiration from the people around her as well as her own personal life experiences, Allison's oil paintings stir the viewer to explore connections between existence and identity, invoking viewers to question and engage in discussion about the subtle narratives in each painting.

Zawyeh Gallery

Nabil Anani at Abu Dhabi Art 2023

22 Nov 2023 – 26 Nov 2023

Zawyeh Gallery is pleased to be part of Abu Dhabi Art 2023, presenting 'Urban Landscapes,' by three renowned artists: Bashir Makhoul, Hosni Radwan, and Nabil Anani. The exhibition explores the intricate nature of urban landscapes and the aspirations of Palestine. Makhoul's series, titled 'Threads,' portrays the origins of marginalized communities globally, evoking contemplation on social issues. Hosni Radwan's series, 'City of Paradoxes,' focuses on Jerusalem, employing charcoal and acrylic to convey the city's paradoxes and inviting introspection into its history and conflicts. Nabil Anani offers an untouched Palestinian landscape, deliberately omitting Israeli settlements and barriers. Together, these artists present a multidimensional narrative addressing social inequality, historical complexities, and hopes for a better future. 'Urban Landscapes' creates a space for contemplation and dialogue surrounding urban realities and the power of dreams in the Palestinian context.

ArtMoments Online

Superlative Gallery


Endangered Animals

21 Sep 2023 – 30 Jan 2024

In this project, artists from around the world were asked to create artworks of endangered animals to help raise awareness. Without these incredible creatures, our delicate eco-system would not thrive.

ABA Gallery

Edward Bekkerman : A Virtual Exhibition

Muzej Mimara

TRADICIJA I SUVREMENOST — VJEČNA POTKA INSPIRACIJE — Narodna umjetnost, priče, običaji, obrt i alati

15 Sep 2023 – 15 Apr 2024

Izložba dječjih likovnih radova u organizaciji Muzeja Mimara, s temom narodne umjetnosti, priča, običaja, obrta i alata. Radovi su nastali u sklopu godišnjih natječaja Udruge hrvatskih učitelja likovne izobrazbe (UHULI) i obuhvaćaju škole iz cijele Hrvatske. --- Exhibition of children's artworks organized by the Mimara Museum, with the theme of folk art, stories, customs, crafts and tools. The works were created as part of the annual competitions held by the Association of Croatian Art Education Teachers (UHULI) and include schools from all over Croatia.

KREIVA Gallery

People + Place Exhibition

09 Sep 2023 – 30 Sep 2023

Group exhibition at Kreiva Gallery on the theme of People + Place


LIFE room a

15 Sep 2023 – 15 Oct 2023

International Art Exhibition Environment and sustainability

Philip Loubser Foundation

PLF Projects and Artefacts

PLF Projects & Artefacts was founded in 2023 by the Philip Loubser Foundation. Its purpose is to preserve, and archive completed Glenn Gould Bach Fellowship projects; to curate and present projects supported by the Philip Loubser Foundation’s Signature Fund; and to make available work done as part of the Glenn Gould Research Project. Each year, following a rigorous curational process, new projects and artefacts are added to the collection.

ArtMoments Online

Isa Art Gallery

Craig Mann

Modern Impressions

21 Oct 2023 – 21 Oct 2024

Impressionism has been one of my favorite movements in the art world. I love how the 19th century masters interpreted an ordinary world with extraordinary results. Using similar techniques with short and repetitive brush strokes, I’ve interpreted commonplace desert scenes with changing angles and prisms. The result is a reflection of the human experience in desert life. When looking at the paintings, ask yourself if you are looking through a mirage, or a haboob? Is the barren desert landscape playing tricks on my eyes and allowing me to see color where there is sand and rock? Spend time gazing and interpreting the art in your own way, and immerse in the experience for another impression of the modern landscapes we live in.

The Regional Center for Women in the Arts

Let's Face It

18 Sep 2023 – 13 Jan 2024


Amidst The Whirlwind

18 Sep 2023 – 30 Sep 2023

"Amidst the Whirlwind: A Virtual Odyssey through Chaos and Serenity" is an innovative online exhibition that offers visitors a unique opportunity to explore the delicate balance between chaos and serenity from the comfort of their own screens. Through a mesmerizing array of digital art, 3D sculptures, and interactive multimedia experiences, this virtual exhibition takes you on a captivating journey. Immerse yourself in the chaotic beauty of swirling colors and intricate patterns, then seamlessly transition to serene landscapes that provide a moment of calm and reflection. "Amidst the Whirlwind" challenges digital boundaries, encouraging contemplation and reminding us that even in the virtual realm, there is a tranquil center to be discovered.



12 Sep 2023 – 30 Sep 2023

A group show of paintings by four artists - Kavita Tambolkar, Reena Soni, Alka C Singh, Sujata Humane, curated by Romartika Art Decoded. Their group show will also begin at Malaka Art Gallery, Pune on 16th Sep and will continue upto 30th July '2023.

Influx Gallery

La Reconquista - Mohamed Mokcheh

01 Sep 2023 – 01 Mar 2024

Mohamed Amine Mokcheh is a Tunisian fine art photographer and digital creator. He is also a post graduate of Philosophy and a senior technician in industrial textiles and clothing. Mokcheh’s passion for photography and art was initiated the very first time he encountered a film SLR – starting to take photography seriously in 2008. “For me, Photography is not just about taking a picture following the usual rules of engagement. I am constantly striving to create a real yet imaginary world through my artworks - borne from my feelings, passions and interests such as philosophy, art history, surrealism and photography. “

Wort und Bild im Resonanzraum


Drei Resonanzräume bilden den Eingangsbereich. Sie dienen dem Erkunden eigener Widersprechungen beim persönlichen Lebensentwurf, namentlich zu: Beginn und Ende Ruhe und Bewegung Aktivität und Passivität


3D Ausstellungen

Das virtuelle Werkzeug zum Kuratieren, Präsentieren und Archivieren von Kunst in herausragenden 3D-Ausstellungen.

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