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Ausgewählte 3D Ausstellungen

Oleg Maštruko

The Smell of Ice

19 Mar 2021 – 15 Jun 2021

In the fateful year of 2020 I started my project Chronicles of Global Warming. The idea was, and still is, to document the changes in the environment and human lives in places that are hardest hit by global warming. The plan for Episode I was to cover the changes in the Arctic. This exhibition of panoramas from Greenland is one of the products of the project. The whole travelogue (in Croatian) can be seen on Facebook in the group Kronike globalnog zatopljenja - Powered by BOSCH and E.ON: I hope you find this online exhibition enjoyable.... Use the full-screen option :-) Leave a comment by e-mail if you liked it.... Oleg Maštruko

Findlay Galleries

Chuang Che - The Chinese Abstractionist | New york

Fabian and Claude Walter Galerie


25 Mar 2021 – 30 Apr 2021

The terms and movements of minimal, conceptual, and abstract art are anchored art historically in the period from the 1950s to the 1970s and have had an important influence on developments in contemporary art ever since. The exhibition MINIMAL – CONCEPTUAL – ABSTRACT takes up this thread and shows how the individual art movements of modern art from diverse times have influenced each other up to the present day. In collaboration with Philippe David and Ennik Fine Art.

Tubai since 1982

Tuba since 1982 Limena Padova

01 Apr 2021 – 30 Apr 2021

Benvenuti all'interno di questa mostra virtuale che vi consentirà di scoprire e "toccare con mano" i nostri ultimi arrivi. Per qualsiasi informazione potete utilizzare i link riportati su ogni tappeto, oppure visitare il nostro sito e scriverci all'indirizzo mail. Inoltre vi preghiamo di utilizzare anche il numero wapp a vostra disposizione. 049 76 82 05 346 8769495

ArtCan Gallery

Bonjour Paris !

01 Apr 2021 – 06 May 2021

Oli-B Bonjour Paris ! ArtCan Gallery Paris

Ancora Art

Joshua Raz

Josh Raz graduated from Newcastle University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art and has continued to live and work in Newcastle upon Tyne since. Since winning the Hix Award in 2016, Raz was featured in GQ magazine (May 2017) and has since produced two solo shows, ‘The Atrophy Experience’, held at Hix Gallery, London in 2017 and ‘Hubris and a Whimper’, held at Abject Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne in 2018. Between these two exhibitions, Raz has completed a residency in Al Cuz Cuz, situated in the mountains of Malaga, Spain and has participated in a number of group shows. Most recently, Raz has exhibited at Christie’s and Unit London as a part of the group shows ‘Uncovers’ (2019) and ‘Beyond Borders’ (2019/2020).​ His artwork explores his experiences and personal connections with spaces, objects and people around him, using spray paint and sculpture to give them vibrance and a voice, which can be heard, even in busy city centre surroundings.

Galerie Roberto


"This all originated from a single drop. From this drop sprung forth colors that gave life. Each drop coalesces into our memories, our trajectories, our memories, and our experiences. The bitter, the impenetrable, the insurmountable, all in sight. Each drop is a symbol of a moment. Together, these paint a masterpiece of what it means to be alive. Drops of color, drops of voyages, drops of life." Galerie Roberto is pleased to announce abstract artist Binong Javier's 2nd solo show entitled "Drop of Life". Join us on March 20th as we unveil Javier's recent masterly works.

Banat Media

Portrete feminine din Banat de la inceputul secolului XX

Geert Maas

Floral wonders

01 Apr 2021 – 01 Apr 2022

Geert Maas (1960) floral master designer and artist, photography and paintings. Living in The Netherlands.

Galerie Maurer


05 Mar 2021 – 17 Apr 2021

„Meine Malereien sind Ausdruck eines vielgestaltigen Naturbildes, in dem der prozesshafte, transformative Charakter der Natur ebenso eine Rolle spielt wie auch faszinierende neue Erkenntnisse zur Funktionsweise von Pflanzengesellschaften. Einfluss auf meine Naturdarstellung haben aber auch die artifizielle Durchdringung der Natur und ihrer Abbilder sowie die wachsenden Möglichkeiten der digitalen und physischen Manipulation. So entstehen meine zwischen Abstraktion und Figuration pendelnden Bildwelten, in denen erkennbare Naturelemente auf undefinierbare Formen treffen und sich zu schwebenden, dynamischen Landschaften und Naturkompositionen verbinden. In meinen Bildern ist grundsätzlich nicht die Darstellung eines bestimmten Resultats entscheidend sondern der Prozess der Veränderung, Auflösung und Neuordnung. Dieser enthält für mich immer auch Aspekte des Zufalls und des Chaos, die in meiner Malerei generell stark zum Ausdruck kommen.“ (Tatiana Urban)

Easter Eg

Easter Eg Exhibition

01 Apr 2021 – 30 Apr 2021

Artworks produced by Ben Frimet, Judith Dobie and members of the AHRC-funded Easter Eg Team.

Adriana camargo


01 Apr 2021 – 10 Apr 2021

Visiting Mexico, Masks ans Maias

The Berman Museum of Art

Françoise Gilot: Her Journey through Portraiture

30 Jul 2020 – 30 Jun 2021

This exhibition of portraits by renowned artist Françoise Gilot (French/American, b. 1921) is a presentation of her works on paper drawn from the Berman Museum of Art permanent collection. The installation explores Gilot’s interest in capturing the artistic, literary, familial, and political personalities of history, using a bold, linear approach. Her skill in a variety of mediums includes India ink, oils with pastels, charcoal, along with examples of her mastery in the multiple layers of lithography ink. Gilot knew some of her subjects, such as Endre Rozsda and Genevieve, but it is her relationship with her family, Pablo Picasso, Claude, Paloma, and Aurelia, which inform her most intimate compositions. Other works included are interpretations drawn from Gilot’s knowledge of extraordinary lives. The Berman Museum of Art has mounted several exhibitions of Gilot’s work since 1995 and published the catalogue raisonné of her complete oeuvre of etchings and lithographs. The museum is one of the few repositories of such an extensive collection of Gilot’s paintings and works on paper, which spans an artistic career that began in the early 1940’s. The initial selection was determined during a summer 2019 internship by Kutztown University students Alexandra Koch and Hadley Wiktor. Interim Director of Operations Lisa Tremper Hanover made the final selections and developed interpretive material utilizing access to her longtime curator and archivist, Mel Yoakum, Ph.D. This opportunity to include first-hand oral history and historical context will further enrich the educational experience. The Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art at Ursinus College receives state arts funding support through a grant from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency funded by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and the National Endowment for the Arts, a federal agency. Find more online content at

Art Number 23 Virtual

The Double Slit Experiment "on faces" by Bilge Ugursu

08 Apr 2021 – 08 Jul 2021

Berlin-based surreal & abstract artist. Describes her style as figurative abstract expressionist and uses mostly mixed media in all her artworks. Developed her own concept, where she combines her classical paintings with digital art to create a smooth synthesis without any rules and conceptualizations. Therefore, her artworks are quite experimental with a contemporary spirit. You can see both brush strokes and digital pixels in her artworks and experience the unique perception of looking at a canvas and computer screen at the same time. She aims to give reviewers sort of a unique feeling even for a second instead of presenting raw aesthetics in her works. Uses lots of psychological and scientific metaphors as she has always been amazed by the intersection of art and science. Her creative artworks have been presented in many exhibitions including established international galleries. She will be featured on upcoming issue of the Flux Review art magazine.

Casa Toscana Art Gallery

"Saudade" por Silvia Cuello (Exhibición y subasta benéfica)

03 Apr 2021 – 14 Apr 2021

La palabra de origen portugués "saudade" alude a un sentimiento emparentado con la melancolía, provocado por la distancia temporal o espacial de algo amado. La serie Saudade fue iniciada en Cochabamba por la artista española Silvia Cuello durante el confinamiento motivado por la pandemia de Covid 19, iniciado en marzo de 2020. La soledad, el aislamiento, el desánimo, el letargo, el deseo reprimido, el encuentro con uno mismo se ven reflejados en esta serie compuesta por diez obras de pequeño formato, realizadas en acrílico sobre tabla de trupán. Esta serie, como viene siendo habitual en el trabajo de la artista, representa un giro de 180 grados respecto a su serie anterior, una apuesta por descubrir nuevos lenguajes a nivel técnico, estilístico y conceptual. Mediante el uso de algunos recursos compositivos, pero sobre todo de un particular uso del color y la pincelada, estas obras apuntan a representar estados de ánimo, a contagiar al espectador de emociones y sensaciones con las que fácilmente puede identificarse. Personajes femeninos desubicados, adormecidos, anhelantes, componen una serie concebida y ejecutada bajo las especiales circunstancias en las que nos ha tocado y aún nos toca desenvolvernos. Esta exhibición y subasta de las obras de Silvia Cuello es en beneficio de la Comunidad Inti Wara Yassi, ONG boliviana dedicada a rescatar animales silvestres del tráfico y darles una vida digna. The word of Portuguese origin "saudade" refers to a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves or cares for. The series Saudade was started in Cochabamba by the Spanish artist Silvia Cuello during the lockdown imposed by the Covid19 pandemic which started in March of 2020. The loneliness, isolation, lack of motivation, lethargy, the repressed desires, the encounter with oneself; are reflected in this series integrated by 10 works in small format, created in acrylic on wood board. This series, as it has become a trend in the artist´s work, represents a 180 degree turn from her previous series, a bet intended to discover new languages from technical, stylistic, and conceptual standpoints. By employing compositive resources, but above all a particular use of color and brush work; these works intend to reflect emotional states, intend to transmit the viewer emotions and sensations with which he can easily identify. Female characters often out of place, asleep, longing; compose a series conceived and executed under the extraordinary circumstances that we have all been forced to withstand and under which, for the time being, we must continue living. This exhibition and auction of the artworks by Silvia Cuello are in benefit of the Community Inti Wara Yassi (CIWY). CIWY is a Bolivian NGO dedicated to the rescue of wild animals from illegal trafficking and to providing them with suitable living conditions in their native habitats.

Mehrgenerationen-Haus Ingelheim

Papierspielereien von Bhupali Gupte

06 Apr 2021 – 31 May 2021

Papierspielereien von Bhupali Gupte Vom 06.04. bis 31.05.2021 werden hier die Collage-Arbeiten der Ingelheimer Künstlerin Bhupali Gupte gezeigt. Die ausgestellten Werke sind im Rahmen des täglichen kreativen Schaffensprozesses der Künstlerin entstanden. In ihrem Atelier ist ständig ein auf Papier fokussiertes Projekt in Arbeit. Bhupali Gupte gestaltet entweder mit verschiedensten Techniken Papier oder kreiert mit dem gestalteten Papier Collagen. Das Ergebnis sind herrliche bunte Kunstwerke, die das Auge des Betrachters erfreuen. Die Collagen entstehen intuitiv und spiegeln die Liebe der Künstlerin zu Papier, Form und Farbe wieder. Bei weiterem Interesse an den Arbeiten können Sie die Künstlerin direkt unter erreichen.

Stephen Romano


LORENA TORRES MARTELL from the artist: "My main inspiration is horror movies, gothic culture and the aesthetics of the grotesque, I am passionate about creating these types of images, I can spend hours in post production, I really enjoy creating characters with deformed features that reflect despair and suffering, witches, monsters and supernatural beings. The terrifying, the strange, the fear and death." Lorena Torres Martell is an artist who resides in San Luis Potosí, México.Her American debut was her inclusion in the exhibition "TRANSMUTATIONS..Witches, Healers and Oracles" curated by Stephen Romano at the Buckland Museum of Witchcraft and Magick in Cleveland Ohio. She was also featured in Rue Morgue Magazine in February of 2021. She has participated in various exhibitions of painting, engraving and photography. She collaborated with photo work in the storybook "SINIESTRO" by Violeta García, at the Fóbica festival in Guadalajara and at the Centro Cultural de México Contemporáneo in Mexico City. In 2018 she held his first individual photography exhibition "EXCISION" at the La casa de las Bóvedas Cultural Center She recently won first place in the festival's horror photography contest: Terrorificamente Cortos, in Palencia, Spain with his photography "Tres Brujas". She was also awarded the instagram prize of the same contest.

California College of the Arts: Architectural Ecologies Lab

I am Islais: Visions for Environmental Justice Now!

16 Mar 2021 – 16 May 2021

This exhibition is a window into how 4th graders from Malcolm X Academy in Bayview Hunters Point were given a remote platform in the 2020 fall semester, through the creativity of their teacher, Y-PLAN, SF NOMA and SF Planning, to be valued leaders of environmental justice in their community. It is also a model of how college students of architecture, from the California College of the Arts, learned to engage with these 4th graders, to listen to them, and to give a voice to their experience through practical and inspired architectural actions.

Casa Equis

A Lamp is Not the Only Sign of Glass

25 Mar 2021 – 18 Apr 2021

Esta exposición explora el deseo intensamente conflictivo de estar en casa en espacios aparentemente inhabitables, los límites de la adaptación y las implicaciones de sentirse cómodo en condiciones tóxicas. Estas pinturas son comentarios sobre nuestro estado ambiental y vislumbres de un mundo post-antropoceno. La atmósfera en el mundo de estas pinturas se ha vuelto inhabitable por y para los humanos; sólo la vida vegetal y las formas geológicas se adaptan y florecen en el aire tórrido. Este es un futuro no muy lejano, un planeta alternativo o una simulación por computadora, donde una nueva narrativa está amaneciendo y, a menudo, la única figura en el paisaje es el espectador. Para simular una naturaleza artificial, el artista obtiene material de referencia de entornos construidos como invernaderos, jardines botánicos y dioramas científicos, en lugar de trabajar con la "naturaleza natural" que se encuentra en parques, bosques o la naturaleza. Al trabajar a partir de fotografías y bocetos de espacios construidos frente a entornos completamente naturales, estas pinturas se convierten en paisajes alternativos, donde el espacio y el follaje son familiares, pero alejados, reconocibles y no del todo correctos. Las pinturas adquieren un elenco teatral; tienen la carga de una transgresión que acaba de ocurrir, preparan el escenario para un evento o acción que está a punto de suceder.

Altro Mondo

Spatial Spotlight

20 Mar 2021 – 11 Apr 2021

Spatial Spotlight gathers some of the Philippines’ best and brightest abstractionists working today, namely Nestor Vinluan, Kenneth Montegrande, Josep Pascual, Raul Isidro, Raul Lebajo, Poch Naval, Jacob Lindo, Binong Javier, Sio Montera, Niño Hernandez, J Consunji, Eddie Santillan, Louie Ignacio, Pete Jimenez, Melbourne Aquino, Marlon Magbanua, Jonathan Olazo, Pancho Piano, Raul Rodriguez, and Red Mansueto. The exhibit demonstrates this group of artists’ excellent command of their craftsmanship, drawing the viewers attention to their magnetic use of colors, shapes, gestural markings, and forms. Grouped together, the works coalesce and reveal the groups’ masterful ability to translate their ideas onto a blank canvas, spotlighting their magnificent use of space as a vehicle for their imaginative depictions of visual reality.

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