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Ausgewählte 3D Ausstellungen

Solar Art Gallery

Arte Acadêmica de Paulo Tosta

17 Jun 2021 – 17 Jul 2021

O pintor Paulo Tosta interessado por costumes, cores e luminosidades cotidianas aplica sua formação tradicional para explorar temas que ganham destaque no cenário artístico nacional. Esta exposição individual permitirá ao visitante contemplar a trajetória da arte brasileira a partir da visão revolucionária do artista plástico permitindo ao visitante contemplar a trajetória de suas pinceladas.

Rev Dan Catt

Rev Dan Catt's Art Blocks Collection

An updated selection of revdancatt's NFTs from various Art Blocks projects

Charlie Easton

New Works by artist Charlie Easton - exploring the wild of the Canadian mountains and shores.

Maria Colom

The Power of Communities

21 Jun 2021 – 11 Jul 2021

Vian Borchert Gallery

Reminiscence Series Paintings

19 Jun 2021 – 19 Jun 2022

These paintings embody the sense of reminiscence, reflection, aspiration and nostalgia to travel and sweet memories. For interest and info on any painting in this series contact the artist Vian Borchert directly at: Or, via this link:

Robert Mertens - A Baker's Dozen

21 Jun 2021 – 22 Aug 2021

The essence of all feelings, the core of all beings, made visible: “A Baker’s Dozen” combines 13 digital eggs, providing the surface for interpretation, meditation, and being reminded of the underlying magical processes of life.

Armelle Boussidan - Transforma

20 Jun 2021 – 07 Jan 2022

Armelle Boussidan has a unique talent to communicate in between worlds, seen and unseen. Showing energetic and vibrational states, the artist channels information via her very own language, radiating ancient messages. In the Transforma series, she is drawing from deep travels within and a powerful encounter with shamanic medicine, to show us the root and core elements of nature in a new light and perspective. The vibrant and vivid world of micro-organisms, natural entities, and their interconnection comes to light in her art, taking us to the cellular level. These tiny aspects of nature carry an unbelievable amount of love, compassion, and a big drive for harmony, entropy, and equilibrium. With the collection of Armelle Boussidan at a new set of doors is available for you to be opened. Her work awaits you to be seen, and intimately touch your soul and vice versa.


Tranquil Nature

22 Jun 2021 – 22 Jul 2021

Nature is beautiful and peaceful. The artist uses paintbrushes to depict the scenery of flowers, birds, mountains, smoke and clouds in nature. After refining and processing, he turns the sights in his eyes into the sights in his heart, expressing what he sees and feels, and conveying the beautiful enjoyment to the audience.

Free Art Room

Internal Forms 32 - Digital Art

Digital Art


Mergulhos de Junho

21 Jun 2021 – 21 Jul 2021

Aguardamos voces para mais um mergulho no mundo imaginario de Carla Crocchi Fotos em Arte!

Villa del Arte Galleries

Jean-François Rauzier

1952, France Unconventional creator of a postmodern dream world, Jean-François Rauzier wonders about the future of our cultural heritage. Known for his imaginary architectural compilations with many cultural and popular references, he turns urban landscapes into utopias and questions the city of the future and our place in the modern world. The artist offers a reflection on our perception of the world and the main themes that run through the foundations of our society: culture, science, progress, oppression, ecology, utopia, freedom.
In 2002, he created the ‘Hyperphoto’, a concept which enables him to deal with the impossible: combining both infinitely big and infinitely small things in the same surreal image, outside the boundaries of the present.

Ben Uri Research Unit

Friends and Influences

BURU (the Ben Uri Research Unit) presents Friends and Influences, the third in our series of snapshot survey exhibitions exploring a particular aspect of the Jewish and immigrant contribution to the visual arts in Britain since 1900. This display brings together paintings, drawings, etchings and lithographs by a selected group of artists united by ties of ethnicity, background, training, teaching and/or exhibiting platforms, as well as through their mutual and enduring friendships, who helped reinvigorate the post-war British art scene and are today celebrated as among the 20th/21st century’s finest exponents of the figurative tradition. Their work is examined both through their mutual friendships, and through their relationship to and conscious engagement with artists of an older generation, whose profound influence upon their own work they openly acknowledged. Thus a line of descent can be traced from the old masters, such as Dürer and Rembrandt, to the new – from Ecole de Paris artists headed by Soutine, thence to ‘Whitechapel Boy’ David Bomberg, and finally, through him to Frank Auerbach and the late, and much missed, Leon Kossoff, who sadly passed away on 4th July 2019. The display focuses on portraits from a close circle of sitters including friends and family by selected so-called ‘School of London’ artists. They are represented here by Frank Auerbach, Leon Kossoff and R. B. Kitaj, who first coined this controversial label (disputed by the majority of its ‘members’) in 1976. This is only one of a number of common bonds: all the artists shared a Jewish and immigrant background: Berlin-born Auerbach and Freud both fled Nazi-Germany for Britain in the 1930s; Kossoff was born to Russian immigrant parents in Islington; and Kitaj, born in Ohio, USA, trained at art school in England, as did New York-born Sandra Fisher, who became his second wife. During the Second World War, Freud, as a nineteen-year-old, served as a merchant seaman in the Atlantic convoy (1940-41). Later, the seventeen-year-old Kitaj also served as a merchant seaman with a Norwegian freighter in 1949.

Ben Uri Research Unit

100 for 100: Ben Uri, Past, Present and Future

From 21 May until 9 June 2016, at the generous invitation of Christie's, Ben Uri Gallery and Museum presents a unique exhibition celebrating its past, present and future sharing the vision driving the museum into its second millennium. Bringing together 100 works for 100 years, the majority from the celebrated permanent collection, augmented by a number of generous loans from contemporary artists from émigré and refugee backgrounds, the exhibition displays 100 works by some 90 artists across a range of media and practices, highlighting the significant and continuing relationship between immigration and art.


Atmungsferment - Labor

18 Jun 2021 – 21 Jun 2021

Die Fotokünstlerin Wiebke Kahn zeigt ihren Blick in die Labore des "SFB – 1078 Protonation Dynamics in Protein Function" (ein Sonderforschungsbereich mit Beteiligung von FU Berlin, HU Berlin, TU Berlin und Charité Berlin sowie der TU Dresden). In diesen Laboren wird u.a. an Cytochrome c Oxidase, dem Atmungsferment, geforscht. Hier stehen die Messgeräte und experimentellen Aufbauten, mit denen Daten gewonnen werden, die gewissenhaft interpretiert, zu einem besseren Verständnis dieses Proteins führen sollen. Das Geheimnis unseres Verhältnisses zum Sauerstoff manifestiert sich in der Funktion des Atmungsferments. Erst durch seine Katalyse wird Sauerstoff zum energiespendenden Molekül, das wir Atmen.

Illustrative Voices

Think Out Loud

16 Jun 2021 – 21 Jul 2021

An art exhibition spotlighting artists' experiences of social inequities and their visions of social justice

Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders (MSF)

50 Years of Humanity

16 Jun 2021 – 31 Dec 2021

The Russian version of the exhibition by Médecins Sans Frontières/ Doctors Without Borders (MSF).



25 Jun 2021 – 28 Jun 2021

Tubes Artists Gallery

Princess Street Gallery

20 Jun 2021 – 20 Jul 2021

Princess Gallery is one of three exhibitions of the project Manchester 2020 Vision exhibitions. Exhibitions running from June 20 2021 to March 2022


Once was Paradise


Warria Plurinacional

21 Jun 2021 – 21 Jul 2021

El 24 de junio fue declarado el “Día Nacional de los Pueblos Indígenas” mediante Decreto Supremo No 158, de 1998, considerando que es la fecha en que los pueblos originarios celebran la fiesta del año nuevo o fiesta del dios sol: We Tripantu, Machaq Mara, Inti Raymi, Aringa Ora o Koro y Likan Antai, en la lengua mapuzugun, aimara, quechua, rapa-nui y likan antai, respectivamente. Este año se estableció como feriado legal el 24 de junio de cada año, conmemorando el Día Nacional de los Pueblos Indígenas. Esta efeméride cobra especial significación en el actual contexto, donde los Pueblos Originarios y Afrodescendiente remarcan su presencia no solo en los territorios ancestrales sino también en los espacios urbanos. Una prueba de esto es la aparición de distintos pabellones y emblemas indígenas a partir del estallido social de octubre de 2019. Algunos ejemplos de estas manifestaciones han sido la presencia de rayados y consignas en mapuzugun o la instalación de un chemamull en plena Plaza Dignidad/Baquedano. Este surgimiento no es sino la constatación de lo que muchos estudios han venido señalando: un aumento en la autoidentificación indígena y la capacidad de distintos Pueblos Originarios y Afrodescendiente para influir culturalmente en diversos territorios y espacios. Además, nos encontramos en la antesala de un proceso constitucional que por primera vez contará con representantes de los Pueblos Originarios, generando una importante expectativa con respecto a un reconocimiento que pueda llevarnos a la consagración de un Estado Plurinacional. Como una forma de atestiguar y recopilar estos procesos, el CIIR abrió una convocatoria fotográfica Warria Plurinacional: Pueblos Originarios y su presencia en la contemporaneidad, con especial énfasis en aquellas imágenes y registros que retraten y muestren las diversas formas y modalidades visuales en que lo indígena ha ido impregnando los espacios urbanos en nuestro territorio nacional. La siguiente exposición muestra a las cincuenta mejores fotografías, de un total de 177 imágenes recibidas.

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