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Ausgewählte 3D Ausstellungen

Anaxi Fine Art

Modern & Post-war Art

Mendocino Art Center

Esther Siegel

Esther Siegel Esther Siegel's “late in life artist” emerged from the scrapbooking world. From there she expanded to unique greeting cards and into ‘found art’ sculptures. Her pieces are a mixture of the whimsical and dark humor. They include Book-Mobiles & Book Art, Twisted Toasters (vintage toasters as the base), Horse People (horse/doll combo), fun repurposed sculptures, small lamps and Altered Barbies. She describes her creative process as sometimes very slow and frustrating, going through many variations on a theme before settling on the finished piece.


Image and story. Szűcsné Novák Mária

19 Oct 2020 – 28 Feb 2021

Expoziție de smalțuri a artistei Szűcsné Novák Mária (Ungaria), inspirată de versurile Bibliei în traducerea lui Károli Gáspár. “Fire enamel picture exhibition by the artist Szűcsné Novák Mária (Hungary), inspired by the text of the Bible in the Hungarian translation by Gáspár Károli.” “Szűcsné Novák Mária festőművész tűzzománc kiállítása (Magyarország), amit a Károli Gáspár által fordított Biblia szövege ihletett.”

Gregory Allicar Museum of Art

Women's Textiles Across Africa: The Symbolic and the Practical

09 Oct 2020 – 19 Dec 2020

Across the African continent women are integral members of their communities, contributing as leaders, artists, entrepreneurs, and spiritual guides. While historically charged narratives led to misunderstood, romanticized, and stereotyped perspectives of African women through Western lenses, revised approaches toward understanding the role of women across the continent are presenting new inclusive dialogs. This exhibit will re-introduce visitors to a broad view of women’s lives across the African continent by highlighting a selection of textiles designed, crafted, and worn by women to celebrate their status, identity, wealth, and role in maintaining equilibrium in African societies. This exhibition was curated by CSU LEAP Institute for the Arts intern Abby Rose under the supervision of Dr. David Riep, Associate Professor and Area Coordinator, Art History, Department of Art and Art History, and Associate Curator of African Art. Support for this project is generously provided by Colorado Creative Industries and by the FUNd Endowment at CSU.


Realismo & dintorni

16 Oct 2020 – 06 Nov 2020

“L’Arte non riproduce ciò che è visibile, ma rende visibile ciò che non sempre lo è.”Paul Klee La realtà ha bisogno dell’immaginazione per essere raggiunta oltre il velo della nostra esperienza sensibile. Afnakafna invita, dal 16 ottobre al 6 novembre 2020, alla mostra collettiva “Realismo e dintorni” a cura di Antonella Caraceni, con le opere di 9 artisti che hanno interpretato e riprodotto, ciascuno con una poetica propria e del tutto personale, il volto segreto del reale. Il mondo della realtà oggettiva è forse nascosto dietro un velo impalpabile. L’Arte ha la capacità di interpretarlo offrendoci una chiave di Verità.

R Gallery


13 Oct 2020 – 24 Oct 2020

As human beings, we are bound to our limitations. Some things are impossible for us to do. However, these limitations are breakable and surmountable for the artists. Through the power of their imagination, they can produce incredible works. It may seem unimaginable for others, but their creative minds made it possible to infuse limitless potentials and create a masterpiece. On this show, these artists will present artworks that are created beautifully beyond imagination and creativity. Join us and let us all witness how they showcase these impossible creations!

Lucia Ruggieri

Katharine T. Carter & Associates


15 Oct 2020 – 30 Sep 2021

Lee Saloutos’s landscape, interior, and close-up surface images are highly detailed and richly atmospheric. These are works that transport the viewer to locations that, while usually unidentified, evoke nonetheless the unending action of the elements and the inexorable passage of time. Even more than this, they hint at a narrative of national decline, the gradual weathering of man-made structures and forms seeming to resonate with the collapse of manufacturing industry. In choosing his subjects, Saloutos also offers a commentary on the state of the nation, linking abstract tone and texture to narratives of social and economic dissolution. In his close-up shots of surfaces, Saloutos mirrors the approach of modernist abstract painters such as Morris Louis, Frank Stella, and Clyfford Still via intense concentration on color and texture. Saloutos minimizes ‘clues’ to these images’ sources and contexts; there are no horizons or edges here, just granular detail. Only occasional fragments of signage and lettering stenciled onto rusty metal or splintered wood offer any reminder of the wider, or, rather, manufactured world. Having begun the series accidentally in the course of another shoot, Saloutos uncovers an unexpectedly compelling crossover between our social and natural histories.

Petra Gut Contemporary

David Yarrow - Wild Heroes

08 Jul 2020 – 30 Jan 2021

David Yarrow was born in Scotland and is currently based in London. David Yarrow is known for travelling the world’s remotest regions to capture compelling images of nature as we‘ve never seen it before and is redefining wildlife photography in the process. His monochrome photographs are bursting with life, vitality and movement, yet the majority of Yarrow’s subject matter, from rampaging bull elephants in Kenya to Inuit hunters and Bornean orangutans, is living on the brink of extinction. This is nature at its most majestic – and it's most fragile. Yarrow’s unorthodox camera angles and unique shooting methods transport the viewer right into the heart of the action; with split-second timing, he crystallises a single instant of drama into an image so immersive that it cannot be viewed in just a few moments. These are photographs to linger over.

Petra Gut Contemporary

F.C. Gundlach

20 Oct 2020 – 20 Mar 2021

F.C. Gundlach (b.1926, Hessen) is one of the most celebrated fashion photographers of the 20th century. His work combines stunning natural settings with iconic designs from Europe’s largest fashion houses, as well as intimate portraits of some of the biggest names of the day. Since the age of 10, Gundlach has dedicated his life to photography. Going professional in the immediate aftermath of WW2, he captured the mood of post-war Europe in his unique reportage style. In the 1950s, he began to focus on fashion photography, incorporating cinematic influences that drew on old-school Hollywood glamour but with a distinctly European twist. Over the next decade, he continued to cement his place as a heavyweight fashion photographer, bringing the spirit of the Swinging Sixties to life on the page. From the 1970s onwards, he travelled the world as a fashion and travel photographer, as well as in several other roles: gallery owner, professor, curator, and arts patron. He has presented hundreds of exhibitions, both as a photographer and as a curator.


Atelier Cruz-Diez

L'Atelier Cruz-Diez Paris est une entreprise familiale, dirigée par Carlos Cruz fils, et qui depuis 40 ans administre l’œuvre de l'artiste Carlos Cruz-Diez. L’Atelier représente l’artiste auprès des professionnels du monde de l'art lors de manifestations importantes de la vie culturelle internationale, telles que les foires et salons d’art contemporain ou les expositions collectives et individuelles de l’artiste.


Museumsbesuche(r) + In Warteschleife

Zwei Serien in einer Ausstellung, entstanden 2020.

Artifex Online Gallery

2020' 공명 회원전-

19 Oct 2020 – 30 Oct 2020

공명전을 펼치면서. 하늘은 푸르고 오곡백과 풍성한 10월입니다. 전 세계적으로 코로나19가 계속되면서 몸과 마음이 움 추려져 있고 생동감이 부족한 이때 공명전을 갖게 되어 뜻깊게 생각합니다. 이번 전시회는 작가의 독창적이며 다양한 표현방식을 통해 공감과 소통의 장으로 만들어가려고 합니다. 또한 예술과 대중을 연결하는 통로가 되어 여러분들과 함께 한 걸음 더 나아가는 계기를 만들고자 합니다. 2020년 10월, 9번째 맞이하는 공명전은 인사동 '인사아트센터' 제4전시장에서 열리게 되었습니다. 어려운 상황에서도 묵묵히 작품에 전념해 오신 공명의 예인들 에게 큰 격려와 박수 보내드립니다. 2020년 10월 공명 회원 일동 참여 작가(가나다순) 김위숙 백순희 성진영 이월미 유경자 이미애 주선희 이정옥 숙 명 한 나

The Absent Gallery

Portfolio 2016-2020

A collection of artworks selected from John Gammans' portfolio created between 2016-early 2020. The collection features works which have been sold and pieces which are currently available to purchase.

Birgitt Becker

vista cortile 2017-2020

10 Oct 2020 – 12 Jan 2021

Die Malereien der Serie „Vista Cortile“ enstanden in den Jahren 2017 bis 2020. Birgitt Becker studierte an der Hochschule Trier Innenarchitektur und Design, was die Auswahl der Motive verdeutlicht, die Aussen- und Innenräume, gemauerte Bögen, Türme, Straßen oder Gassen zum Thema haben. Dabei ist das Architektenauge, mit dem die Malerin sich ausdrückt, charakteristisch und stark prägend für die räumliche Wahrnehmung. Die meisten Werke sind abstrakt, repräsentieren aber auch eine umfangreiche figurative Absicht. Schicht um Schicht lässt sich der meist transparente Malprozess, ein Spiel mit Formen und Farben, Licht und Schatten, mit ruhigen oder kontrastierend lebhaften Pinselstrichen, für den Betrachter zurück verfolgen. Birgitt Becker lebt in Italien am Lago di Bracciano nördlich von Rom. Birgitt Becker studied interior architecture and design at the Trier University of Applied Sciences, which illustrates the selection of motifs for exterior and interior spaces, brick arches, towers, streets or alleys. The architect's eye, with which Becker expresses itself, is characteristic and strongly shaping the spatial perception. Most of the works are abstract but also represent an extensive figurative intention. Layer by layer, the mostly transparent painting process, a play with shapes and colors, light and shadow, with calm or lively contrasting brushstrokes, can be traced back for the viewer. Birgitt Becker lives in Italy near the Lake Bracciano north of Rome.

Wadi Finan Art Gallery

Summer collection 2

10 Sep 2020 – 10 Nov 2020

Group Exhibition by: Mohannad Orabi Khaldoun Hjazin Hady Boraey Zaid Shawwa Hayan Maani Fares Rizk Karima Bin Otman


The HDGA-Artists Inc 2020 Annual Exhibition

11 Oct 2020 – 25 Oct 2020

Our Annual Exhibition. Take a VIRTUAL tour of this year's contributions from experienced and emerging artists. A regular feature of our annual exhibitions is the Lambert Wall - this year's theme is "Something that makes me smile".

Ellipsis Art

Line, Form, Passage: David Stern

15 Oct 2020 – 12 Nov 2020

Ellipsis Art is pleased to present Line, Form, Passage, a solo exhibition by New York-based German-born painter, David Stern. For this exhibition, Stern continues to contemplate the idea of metaphysical passages in his At the Gates series, and introduces a new work that examines that theme in the face of global corruption of leadership and the current threats facing American democracy. Comprised of new and recent work, "Line, Form, Passage" will be on view from October 15- November 12, 2020. The headlining work in this exhibition is Stern’s stunning new piece, Study for a Monument to Stupidity, i n which a large figure is seen seated at a throne surrounded by a crowd gathered at his feet. A stream of orange paint drips from the figure’s mouth and is received by the audience below him. The work is the culmination of the artist’s observations from the past four years of witnessing the effects of corrupt leadership and the deterioration of democracy. As a German Jewish immigrant, the parallels between today’s authoritarian climate and 1930s Germany are apparent. Stern felt an urgent need to crystallize these perspectives into a work that captures the conditions wrought by a shuddering democracy. Line, Form, Passage will also include new and recent paintings from Sterns’ ongoing At the Gates series, which considers gateways and what lies beyond these metaphysical thresholds. As Stern says, “The physical reality derives from our metaphysical concepts of thresholds, the red line, the moment we live in, as opposed to the unknown future.” The At the Gates series explores Stern’s fascination with the movement between and beyond thresholds—both physical and metaphysical—the moment of change from one quality to the next.

The Hunt

Reality check

06 Oct 2020 – 06 Nov 2020

Explore pieces from 3 great artists, TYRONE DIARTT SOLANA, RAFAEL VARELA & SULAMIT ELIZONDO. Dive in to the diversity of these hyperrealistic pieces!

Sylvia Galos

black & white

05 Oct 2020 – 05 Nov 2020

Gestural abstract expressionist painting and minimalist reduced works. Black traces on white untouched surfaces can be discovered as well as layered application of paint with white, through which previous painting processes remain consciously perceptible. Delicate lines meet powerful brushstrokes, thus forming a further contrast to the black and white contrast, which is sometimes softened by grey intermediate tones. In modern ambience, at home or in offices, these works are suitable to be more than an eye-catcher - but a self-confident statement.

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