Activate/Agitate - 3D virtual exhibition by International Art Collaborations Network


Do, 03/25/2021Fr, 03/25/2022

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Annual INTAC Exhibition

It is safe to say that the realities of living through a global pandemic have had a universal effect, shifting our daily lives along with our perspectives. Throughout history, pandemics, plagues and other global crises have not managed to cease the creation of art: rather, they have allowed for an agitation of sorts; a re-evaluation and activation of its intentions.

The theme for this year’s INTAC 2020-21 year addresses our global realities and revolves around the possibilities that art/artists can use their voices, both big and small, to activate change and agitate the status quo. Activate|Agitate could be approached through personal narrative, political questionings, social reflections, to name a few. It could be used to bring joy in a time of uncertainty, bring pause by rendering hardship visible, or could unite by bringing voices together.

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