2023: Now, that I am in my 85th year, I can look at my previous work as a preamble. I see the future of my work/life as a continuing exploration of our collective evolutionary message; our intuitive understanding and cumulative experience ingrained and transmitted through generations since the dawn of time. Creativity is the search for our shared universal awareness.

A WORK IN PROGRESS: I have had a fantasy, to see all my creative efforts of sixty plus years, lined up end to end, under one roof. It would be cathartic to be reunited with such a body of work. However, this would be an impossible task to achieve. Many of the works have been lost, stolen off the walls of public buildings, or destroyed in fires. Some have even been named in property settlements of divorce suits, and, as a result, mysteriously disappearing. And still other works have traveled the globe to destinations as far away as Australia, Japan and Europe. As a result, there is a very large body of work that is lost or beyond my reach.

Fortunately, like most artists, I photographed my work over the years in order to maintain a personal record. Beginning in the 1957 using a 35 mm camera resulting in slides and in later years a digital camera. But I must confess, I have not been the most diligent in keeping this photographic record. Many paintings were never photographed. In addition, the slides dating back to the 60's have deteriorated, faded or have mold on them. Nevertheless, with the introduction of the digital era there is now a generous cross section of work recorded, and in good condition.

Well, my fantasy has come true. The Internet and digital technology have allowed me to create a virtual exhibition with a collection of nearly 250 painting, drawing and digital generated images.

This collection is a representation of the meteoric change which has taken place beginning in 1957. These paintings are a documentation a life’s expedition.

Enjoy the journey . . .

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Robert Singleton

Florida 1963 - 1972

Robert Singleton

Adventures of Pearl

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Robert Singleton

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