Roots - 3D virtual exhibition by PGOUBEAU


Wed, 11/01/2023 to Fri, 08/30/2024

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P. Goubeau’s visionary ability to create images which are timeless yet cast light on current events.
A profound consciousness that present is already past, when something dramatic happens. This mystical struggle is apparent in the haunting quality, which convey a noble effort to preserve the past in the present, not only by couching visions of antiquity in a vital contemporary style, but by rendering passing moments immutable. In P. Goubeau's painting “The Star,” for example, a graceful female nude with a purplish cast to her skin appears beset by outer forces that take the form of golden abstract swirls. Although this image was most probably created with mythic rather than literal intent, one cannot help relating it to the recent news reports of youthful celebrities succumbing to the perils of fame and the damaging effects of impersonal mass adulation on the private human soul.

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