UNMUTED: Speaking Creativity During Crisis

Amidst one of the most turbulent times in history, the artwork of capstone students from Visual and Public Art (VPA) reminds us of the vital role played by artists in protecting and amplifying creativity in order to advance conversations around equity and justice. UNMUTED: Speaking Creativity During Crisis, focuses on timely subject matter such as climate change, unsheltered homelessness, gender, sexuality, and ageing. Using paintings, sculpture, photography, and drawing as tools to say what words cannot, these artworks encourage empathy, illuminate the power of coalition building, and work to deactivate despair during a time of unprecedented crises.

Special acknowledgement to Angelica Muro,VPA chair, Assistant Professor Dionicio Mendoza, Assistant Professor Dr. Stephanie Johnson, Studio Lab Steev White, and VPA faculty who all worked collectively to facilitate learning and empowered students to activate their voices.

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