Space Dichotomies

How do we humans conceive the space in which we move and live? Think about your home, your workplace or a public place. We take those pretty much for granted and we don’t notice their delimitation from the other spaces, unless this delimitation somehow affects us.

This thesis exhibition is an exploration of the possible contrasts emerging within and between spaces, as well as the bidirectional relationship between spaces and humans, and the possible change of identities, as people interact with spaces. Its focus is on transitional spaces, heterotopias, and the idea of boundary crossing (in both literal and figurative sense).

The artworks presented here do not always have visual affinities. Rather, they share subtle, conceptual connections, showcasing dichotomy in a broader sense, both through contrasts such as natural/artificial, human/divine, and obvious/unapparent, as well as through examples of escape, fragmentation and fluidity. Perhaps the exhibition narrative could best be summarised as the antithesis between interconnectedness and disassociation.

You can visit this exhibition following the guided tour. If you believe –like I do– that the written word can change the world, you can press the “info” icon, and read more details about each artwork, as well as my interpretation of it in this particular context. If you find reading boring and you believe that artworks stand by themselves and do not need any explanation whatsoever, please go ahead and skip the info icon.

(Many thanks to Nikos Zompolas for providing the signature exhibition photo)

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