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Webminds Studio


“Connection” as her core theme; “either with textile or neon threads, I want to sew the invisible entanglement in
between entities, theories, feelings, atoms in the universe; merging in a single point for you to take a break, breath and feel part of it All”.

Marina Zumi is an Argentinian multi-interdisciplinary artist with a beginning in South American Neo-Muralism, painting Intuitive Nature themes in contraposition to the polluted streets.

Followed by textile experimentation at the studio, she developed a self taught hand-embroidery technique over art canvas, where mathematical and sacred geometry sink and flow in a subtle way.

Based in Berlin since 2018, decides to finally combine both styles, the outdoor and in-studio practices. Generating subemersive site specific Light Installations, crafting this time, with threads of neon wire to hand embroider new big scale perspectives, where the VIEWER becomes part of a new reality been able not only to see, more likely to touch and feel light.

“Everything is interconnected” she says, after many years practicing Buddhism and studying the Quantum theory evolution. Bioluminescence painted over walls all around the world, now becomes tangible reality as the artist continues to explore analog as digital media, new technologies and artistic collaborations.

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