Shanti Panchal A Personal Language of Painting 2007-2018

Shanti Panchal (c.1950s-)

Autumn 2007

Watercolour on paper

77 x 58 cm

Courtesy of the Artist

© Shanti Panchal 2020

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Shanti Panchal: A Personal Language of Painting is Ben Uri Research Unit’s first digital show devoted to a contemporary émigré. Born in the mid-1950s (exact date unknown) in rural Gujarat, western India, Panchal arrived in London on a British Council scholarship from 1978-80; he has now lived and worked here for over 40 years. These 12 images, across a decade, showcase his masterly handling of his preferred medium - saturated colours that can hardly seem to 'be' watercolour. Enigmatic narratives are personal and universal, addressing urgent issues facing humanity in the 21st century: slavery, refugees and migrants, disability, terrorism, the role of women, family, and Britain’s place in a new European order. Within these powerful images, we can each perhaps recognise something of our own experiences.

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