PARADE OF COLORS - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR


Wed, 02/03/2021 to Tue, 02/23/2021

curated by:

- Hyunjeong Park
In Park’s artworks, each square symbolises a person. Depending on the viewer, it could be seen as buildings, a forest, a blackhole, the universe or the Milky Way. The starting point of a square can be set up by the artist or another person. Such as the motto “We are one”, Park thinks our lives are like a web where relations have been woven into a square symbolising one person. People bloom like flowers and evolves with love and hope. Although the squares look similar, they all tell different stories. Whether it is a sunny, gloomy, rainy, melancholic or sad day. Whether it is a day where you show courage, get compliments or someone asks for forgiveness. Every emotion is put inside the square and turns into a palette of colours. Happiness, sadness, anger and joy can be seen in squares. Happiness turns into sadness. Sadness into happiness. Anger becomes generosity. Generosity into anger. From cuteness to fear. Each sentiment overlaps, intertwines and develops into a new story.

- Jongsuk LEE
The things that are unfolding in front of you. A vast plain, a mountain, a sea of mysterious sights and a feast of colors spread throughout the seasons. They change without remaining still for even an instant and they are to be found in every moment. Not only are these things perceived visually, but also the delicate sounds, scents, and feelings that we experience with the whole being meld together and deepen as time goes on. When we walk through space, we come to understand many things through our experience, but if later we return to this original space, we can reach the truth at the source of our initial feeling. This process represents for Lee a precious opportunity to reflect on life.

- Soonhee YOO
Soonhee YOO’s artworks are like her diary full of experiences she had over the years. She tries to reproduce them on canvas as symbols and metaphors of plastic arts. The permanence of Veracity, Virtue and Beauty are inspired by her family and friends that surrounds her. The artist chooses the objects represented in the canvas. But, depending on the message YOO wants to convey, she uses different material and always completes her works with oil colours and collage. To understand the various stages of the preparation of her artworks, the viewer needs to take a step back and clear her/his mind from prejudices. This is how the public can enjoy YOO’s artworks.
The buried melancholy deep down her heart overflows, it turns into a white canvas which serves as a balm, a space of blessing, that purifies and frees her soul.

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