ARTIDOTUM - 3D virtual exhibition by Studio Artemisia


Sat, 02/13/2021 to Thu, 05/13/2021

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ART-THERAPY ( psicological support)
propoused by artworks
of international artists

The international virtual exhibition is giving artistic answer of hope to the hard time of global pandemia of Covid. This exhibition was planed to be located in the capital of Italy Rome but unfortunatly the actual situation is not giving other possibility to show this magnific new artworks of emergent artists like in the virtual gallery. Once the situation will turn normal we think to organize it in real world in one of the romantic location together with art workshop where to interact , meet and exchange our experiences. This time will arrive and we will be again all together enjoying to be able stay together and do exhibitions , concerts , performances and cinema but meanwhile we have to resist and to work and don't loose our contacts and interests. The art has had always very important rule to show the way out to the society how to face many difficult situations, Also now when we are all living in lockdown during global pandemia can give as the good energy and help to mantaine the hope for future.
Going back to the history we can confirm that almost each hungret year there was always the epidemic time which very often without progress of medicine of contemporary science have only one wayout to wait until everything will passed. The population was obliged to live for several years in lock down staying at home trying to survive and after when everything was finished the joy of towns and iterior region was so big to erect the wonderful sculptures to the Saint Protectors of the cities and edificate magnific cathedrals and churches to be thankfull to the God.
Today our life has change the speed and from stressing and iperactive has returned like it was 150 years ago slow and sad. Staying alone closed in our houses we have to stop in our activities and to wait until the danger for our health will pass.
This is also very difficult moment from the psycologicol point of veiw as all the events, musems,concerts and theatres are closed and people can not to gatter in any way. We were planing to have this art show in very special location in Rome but we have to delate because of the situation , Leaving the actual time we have decided to use the contemporary tecnology and to proceed with our event founding the international virtual event. Once everything will return to normality we will have another real exhibition in Roma. We were thinking just to react to our situation with creativity and positivity and to give some hope to the society. After all disaster there is the renessance time and after the storm, the sushine will be back again. The strengh of colortherapy and art was always using to cure by antique tradition and the first artist was usually also the shamans and sacerdotes. The art was always evolving beside the religions giving decoration atmoshere to the temples and the positive energy to the people. We have thought to give this theme to the exhibition in the way that all important international participating artists can interpretate it in free way and give the artistic contribute to be able to face up with their creativity and fantasy the pandemia problems showing the hope to reflect under different point of view. The virtual gallery will be the interactive and alternative highteach platform connecting with auction houses in the way that participing in auction artists whould have the possibility to have artworks exhibited and give more informations to the collectors
Later on during the next exhibition in Roma in ” reality” we will propose also the conferences about Art Theraphy which will be related by architects and doctors showing us in wich way the colors and geometric sheaps space can influence our mood and psyche.
enjoy our virtual gallery to know emergent worth investingin artists.

Art Director
Arch. Margherita Blonska Ciardi
Studio Artemisia

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