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Studio Artemisia

is exhibiting the collection of artworks
of international artists

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The international virtual Artemisia Art Gallery is exhibiting the beautiful masterpices of artists from all over the world.
Today our life is very stressing and iperactive so we have decided to use the contemporary tecnology and to proceed with our event founding the international virtual exhibition connected with reality. The strengh of colortherapy and art was always using to cure by antique tradition and the first artist was usually also the shamans and sacerdotes. The art was always evolving beside the religions giving decoration atmoshere to the temples and the positive energy to the people.
The virtual gallery will be the interactive and alternative highteach platform connecting with auction houses in the way that participing in auction artists whould have the possibility to share artworks exhibited, pubblications and give more informations to the collectors.
Enjoy our virtual gallery to know emergent worth investingin artists.

Art Director
Arch. Margherita Blonska Ciardi
Studio Artemisia

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