Centerpath - The Joy of Being

Centerpath is a new metaphysical theory of how the world works and is organized. Its tenants span a wide range of phenomena including nature, biology, institutions, rituals, cognitive functions, the cosmos, and our lives as individuals and societies.

Centerpath is based on the simple premise that all of nature and man's world are organized about powerful central objects (or centers) resulting in the myriad center-oriented patterns we see streaming throughout the universe.

Centerpath is divided into three primary branches of study as follows: The Center Ordering Principle (its theoretical basis), Centerlife (a life practice), and i-Citizen (its social governance arm).

Nua is an American engineer and author. He invented Centerpath from years of studying nature and human behavior. Nua believes Centerpath will revolutionize the way we organize society, live our lives, and will lead to new theories on speech, chaos theory.

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