Tim Taylor - Kosmos - 3D virtual exhibition by Atlas Gallery

Tim Taylor - Kosmos

Thu, 10/29/2020 to Wed, 03/31/2021

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Kosmos – ‘In Search of The Sublime’.

For Tim Taylor, photographs are an attempt to illuminate the beauty and fragility of our planet, our interconnectedness with nature and each other. It’s
a reduction of the human to the elemental. An attempt to convey the fragile, fleeting beauty of our presence here when confronted with the enormity of nature.
But at the same time the almost infinite potential of the humanity when we chose to work together, push our boundaries and follow that innate human
desire to explore.
The pursuit of adventure is not and end in and of itself. The mountains are the canvas on which I project my thoughts and beliefs about the world, I’m interested
in the narratives that lie beyond the surface aesthetic. As a photographer, and a human being, Taylor is interested in the transformative power of these landscapes
that allow us to see ourselves in a different perspective and call into question our modern relationship to nature.

Each limited print is made to order in the artist’s studio and is signed, numbered and dated by the artist and accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

All prints are made using pigment inks on heavy weight, pure cotton rag paper.

Each work comes housed in a custom-made frame, hand crafted to museum standards by artisans in London, England.

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