Cells - 3D virtual exhibition by Anaid Art Gallery


Thu, 10/15/2020 to Fri, 11/06/2020

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Alina Aldea thinks her artistic projects within a conceptual-minimalistic language. The idea, the concept, the notion is what triggers the structural elements of the designs and installations. The drawings and the installations create a world in themselves; the idea no longer can be separated from the form at this stage of existence.

Alina Aldea's impressive size installations are designed often in a permanent dialogue with the exhibition space. For this reason, although there are similar elements, they have infinite versatility, both as a way of presentation and as a way of interpretation. The game with the viewer, his immersion in the installation, through which he can often penetrate or interact, becomes a constant in the artist's creation.

The site-specific show "Cells" was designed for the gallery space, where the visitor is invited to enter an interior flooded with cells, through video animation. The 2D animation "Cells" designed by Alina Aldea in 2020 is the result, somehow natural, of a series of drawings created in previous years. The drawings signed by Alina Aldea show the meticulousness and perfection of microscopic observation.

Alina Aldea confessed about this project: “Cells” evokes the broad microscopic organic universe and brings it into a visible perspective. The images can be interpreted as a result of laboratory experiments which also imply the human observer. When arranged in a matrix, cells invoke the idea of control and systemic predetermination where random occurrences seem impossible. The choice for using spherical shapes is not accidental: the sphere is considered the form which most closely approaches perfection but is consigned naturally to approximation. “Cells” becomes the study of alienation in possible research trajectories. The drawn cells have been translated into an animated video language to emphasize and emulate the living organism.”

The 2D Cells animation arranged on three monitors, running at different times, evokes the idea of a septic laboratory. Monitors/screens are substitutes for the observing and enlarging microorganisms tools. In parallel with these monitors, in the gallery space, the artist created an oversized screen made of down and feathers on which the 2D animation, the site-specific installation Cells_02, is projected. Thus, the entire space is flooded with overgrown floating cells. In the installation Cells_02, the ‘‘laboratory‘‘ becomes autonomous, the artist abandoning control and proposing the idea of a predetermined dissolution. The used materials create pretexts for new sensory associations, decontextualizing their original meaning.

The cell is the basic structural, functional and biological unit of all known organisms. The cell is the smallest unit of life. Cells are named often the “building blocks of life”. The artist amplified the size precisely to create the sensation of a living organism multiplied to infinity.

The site-specific installation "Cells", is designed to be discovered in solitude, in isolation.

Curator: Diana Dochia

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