"I Am Made Manifest" -Senior Exhibition of Victoria Stewart-Meyers


Curated by:

Victoria Stewart-Meyers

I train my lens on the manifestation of trauma in this series. In my previous studies, I have touched on the subjects of domestic violence, suicidality, and childhood abuse. This project is an examination of strength and endurance in the wake of trauma and the deviant behavior that often ensues.
Trauma manifests itself in many ways. Often the most you may see is a veiled look in a person’s eye or avoidance of speaking about personal topics. Other times you may see scars, but not all scars show on the outside. Behavior is the most commonly misunderstood presentation of the after-effects of trauma. The world dismisses those who engage in deviations from the normal, acting out, mental illness, addictions to drugs, sex, or some other self-destruction.
Rather than dismiss those whom you encounter with these behaviors, my hope is to broaden your empathy and understand that these people haven’t given up. They have learned coping skills, however problematic. They do these things because they are desperate to feel emotions that are stunted, take one more breath, and stay alive.
Abuse flourishes in darkness, this body of work intends to shine a light; illuminate horrors to eradicate fear and see the beauty that remains. Most life-long survivors of domestic violence, poverty, and homelessness are alienated in communities across the country. As an artist, I intend to open the hearts and minds of mainstream society and inspire education and understanding about these members on the fringe.
This body of work is not only a reflection of my experiences but an exploration of a few of the various ways trauma might manifest including the strength of endurance. My audience is everyone, not just abuse survivors.
These photos are de-saturated digital photography, taken in San Antonio, Texas between July and October of 2020.

Music Credit: "Ugly" Skating Polly


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