Paintography by Leigh Kemp - 3D virtual exhibition by Leigh Kemp

Paintography by Leigh Kemp

A selection of my recent paintographic works including works from my travels in Corfu, Rome, Brussels, Prague and various locations the UK.

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I work in a variety of techniques and styles including landscapes, riverscapes, abstract and surreal. I hope that you find my work appealing and of interest. I take photographs because I really enjoy photography. I endeavour to create digital art because I LOVE art.

A while back I stumbled across the perfect description for my type of work “Paintography” some years after I stumbled into it completely unaware that there was such a thing. I guess this is where the photographer in me stops and my artistic side takes full-rein if indeed one can separate one from the other. Put simply, this is the point where I have complete artistic freedom to explore and mix different techniques and open the lid on a Pandora’s box of artistic possibilities, such a large box that even after some years I’m very much still discovering and experimenting with new things.

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