Love Me Tender, Love Me True - 3D virtual exhibition by Arts Project Australia

Love Me Tender, Love Me True

Thu, 08/06/2020 to Thu, 08/13/2020

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"Love me tender, love me true, all my dreams fulfil. For my darling, I love you and I always will."

When you read the words of Elvis Presley's 1956 Love Me Tender, you can't help humming along to the music. That's the enduring power of Elvis. The best music, performance and art does that—it moves you and gets under your skin, long after the work has been created and released. Such is the emotive quality of Dionne Canzano's paintings and drawings as you experience them. Full of personality and love, her artworks are passionate renderings that are always drawn from the heart.

The artwork selected in Canzano's solo exhibition Love Me Tender, Love Me True is first and foremost a celebration of heartthrob Elvis Presley. It also expresses her all-embracing love of life: from wild cats and magpies to popular cultural landmarks and gorgeous celebrities. This diverse collection, while focusing on the King, has a little bit of everything and is best enjoyed while humming your favourite Elvis tune.

Canzano (b 1970) is a mid-career artist whose figurative work embodies veils of blended colour and detailed pastel and pencil lines. Her work explores subjects close to her heart, such as Elvis Presley, wild and domestic animals, and possess a dream-like quality with an edge. Canzano has worked at Arts Project since 2000 and presented her first self-titled solo show in 2003. She has featured in numerous group exhibitions and has work in private collections throughout Australia.

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