Stay Creative Stay Alive - 3D virtual exhibition by International Art Collaborations Network

Stay Creative Stay Alive

Fri, 08/07/2020 to Wed, 09/30/2020

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Nobody was prepared for the events of 2020. The decade began normally enough, but within months the world was plunged into economic and health crises, as normal life ground to a halt. In June 2020, the Future Art collective, a group of artists based in Berlin, challenged artists around the world to create and submit work rooted in this moment. They answered the call, and thus, this exhibition was made possible through the collaboration of a diverse group of international artists, with submissions coming in from Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, Mexico, South Korea, and the United States. Curation was handled by Julia Oram, Shir Zilber, Carmel Alabassi, and Jordan Murphy, with special thanks to Walter Bergmoser and Peter Sramek.

In the works, the viewer is presented with the complexities of life as we now know it. In photographs, illustrations, and video familiar spaces become alien and hostile, daily routine is transformed, and visions of the future leap forward. Some works speak to our relationship with technology and the impact it has on contemporary society. Others reflect the emotions of the artist: their sense of isolation, their sense of loss, their sense of the Earth shifting underneath them. Amongst these, there is positivity too: works that envision alternative ways of relating to one another, to technology, to our environments, and to our identities. All ground themselves in this moment, and look towards an uncertain future. It is through this grounding, through this connection to the moment, that we can re-conceptualize our very notions of reality. It is through this process that we stay alive.

This is an edited version of the original online exhibition prepared in October, 2023.

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