Mitra Soorani - 3D virtual exhibition by Brouhaha

Mitra Soorani

Sat, 01/28/2023 to Tue, 02/14/2023

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Mitra is an artist scientist with dual nationality, British-Iranian. She has a PhD in designing biomaterials using computational tool.

Unlike many of artists, Mitra is a primarily self-taught and has her own approach to create artwork with no formal education in art. Mitra integrates her own ideas into western and modern art styles. This gives her the freedom to express herself into her paintings.

Therefore, her paintings allow her to go beyond those strict cultural and religious background where she was born and raised. Her particular strength mirrors her ideas, where she loves using nonconventional materials to give novel textures to her artwork. She also uses mixed media including oil- or acrylic-based colours in her artwork. Her nude artworks show her as a freethinker where she can symbolise the human body from innocence and vulnerability of humans to love and lust.

Mitra believes, women should be free from discrimination and prejudice because of their gender and body. Her nude paintings are not as an explanation, but just the beauty of being a female. She believes, yet, dealing the expectation of the nude painter artists with the general public emerged as a difficult and demanding task. Mitra is using her skills and creating artworks depicting nude women, as it is a powerful tool for challenging society’s perception.

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