Glitched - A New Era for Gabbehs


Curated by:

Zollanvari International

Glitch Art is the inspiration behind the Glitch Gabbehs collection designed by Milan’s SoFarSoNear Studio for Zollanvari.

Glitch Art describes a visual style characterised by using digital or analogue errors for aesthetic purposes, whether that be intentional or by accident. “There’s a controlled imperfection to [glitch art], and it’s a reminder of the technical elements of design. It visualizes technology as having a combination of textures and patterns but without perfection.” Terrence Morash, ex-creative director of Shutterstock

The term ‘glitch’ itself originates with engineers and astronauts to explain faults within the technology they were working with. But the visual aesthetic can be traced much further back, to the beginning of the 20th century through distorted forms in cubist paintings, abstract short films, and pixel-like rug designs akin to 8-bit video game landscapes. In fact, many antique rugs feature abstract, distorted patterns that seem to predict the glitch movement of later centuries.

In this collection, Luca Ferreccio and Francesca Gasparotti of SoFarSoNear Studio Milan reinterpret traditional archaic gabbeh designs using a new digital language. The result: a collection composed of eight distinct designs each in multiple colourways hand-knotted using the finest wool from the Zagros Mountain region of Iran and dyed using natural vegetable dyes.

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