Wånder Wide Web


Curated by:

OCA Europe

Wånder Wide Web as a year-long on-line residency and exhibition initiative brings together a group of 16 international art students from the Open College of Arts (OCA)/University for the Creative Arts, UK.

we wander: purposefully, leisurely, attentively, absentmindedly
we wonder in the process, at this, and that,

wide (and far) to move closer, collaborate
we web: spider, mycelium, fibre optics, all facilitate
there is searope too.

Many of the works are collaborative in nature and the outcome of our numerous and expanding webs. Sometimes they are explicitly wondrous, often wandering: jointly, for part of or the entire way. Devised as an annual project within the Regional Group Europe, we spent time and resources to develop a shared project to connect across and make together, where after a year of pandemic, the limitations for shared experiences had become so apparent. This group exhibition is a result of our collaboration.

We are:
Sonia Boening, Brindusa Burrows, Nicky Eastaugh, Adelina Gelu, Gesa Helms, Annette Holtkamp, Kate Horsburgh, Peter Hungerford, Admill Kuyler, Renate Maas, Annalisa Mercuri, Lia Minou, Karen Stander, Angela Trencsak, Baiba Vagule, Inger Inanna Weidema.

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