ves-sel /ˈves(ə)l/: 1. a container for holding something,
2. a person into whom some quality is infused.

The purpose of the Vessels series is to underscore the simple universal essence of the human race, capturing its inherent qualities.
The artist employs wooden stick figures or mannequins, symbolic abstractions of the human form, featuring hollow bodies resembling vessels and open heads symbolizing open minds.
Facial features are intentionally omitted to steer clear of individualization, directing viewer attention towards a broader representation.
Gender differentiation is symbolically portrayed, with male forms having eye-like openings for their visual aspect and female forms exhibiting mouth-like openings for their verbal aspect.
Across multiple pieces in the series, themes of attraction, love, fertility, and the cycle of life are explored. Glowing orbs orbit the human figures, serving as celestial bodies, showcasing our reliance on cosmic energy sources.
These narrative paintings metaphorically convey how we each carry our own light while exchanging and sharing it with others.
In certain paintings, the inclusion of flowers, fruits, animals, and various objects further enriches the narratives, symbolizing the journey of life full of energy, light, and love.

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