Françoise Nielly Originals - 3D virtual exhibition by Villa del Arte Galleries

Françoise Nielly Originals

Fr, 01/01/2021Sa, 01/01/2022

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Françoise Nielly has explored the different facets of image all her life, through painting, photography, roughs, illustrations and virtual computer generated animated graphics. It is clear now that painting is her direction and her passion.
She gets her sense of space and construction from her father, who was an architect. Growing up in the South of France where she lived between Cannes and Saint-Tropez, she was never far from the light, the colour sense and the atmosphere that permeates the South of France. This is coupled with her studies at the Beaux Arts and Decorative Arts, and her sense of humour and of celebration.
Françoise Nielly’s painting is expressive, exhibiting a brute force, a fascinating vital energy. Oil and knife combine to sculpt her images from a material that is, at the same time, biting and incisive, carnal and sensual. Whether she paints the human body or portraits, the artist takes a risk: her painting is sexual, her colours free, exuberant, surprising, even explosive, the cut of her knife incisive, her colour pallet dazzling.

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