I Dream of Jerusalem - 3D virtual exhibition by Dalia Ali

I Dream of Jerusalem

So, 08/23/2020Mi, 09/30/2020

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As a Palestinian living in Diaspora, I grew up listening to stories told by my parents and grandparents about their lives in Palestine, their adventures as children in the neighborhood, the games they played in the orchards amongst the olive trees and the many fruit trees, the simplicity of their lives. I also feel the sadness and heart aches which are part of our collective story, but through my paintings I like to think of Palestine with positivity, hope and happiness. Mesmerized by the beautiful architectural elements of Jerusalem, the domes, minarets, steeples, doors and windows, I have formed an ongoing collection of paintings of Jerusalem, a city that is a symbol of all of Palestine, using different palette colors, textures, compositions, seasons and times of the day. I hope you enjoy this display of hope and happiness, of paintings old and new, some more detailed, some more abstract.

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