Eric Brocherie

Wielding digital tools like modern paintbrushes, Eric Brocherie brings abstract aesthetics to life, offering us a new and stimulating vision of reality. The explosion of codes, the fading of alphabets, the reconstruction of truths, the fraying of knowledge... his committed work conveys a sense of disenchantment with the acceleration of speed that drives us into an inexorable chaos.

Eric Brocherie's artistic work is not a quest for salvation, but a call to stop time in order to see, understand and try to embrace this new world. Eric Brocherie's creations are the result of a complex process driven by intuition. The Artist focuses on the expression of his emotions, feelings, questions and doubts. His approach, infused with vulnerability and cheerful curiosity, leads to aesthetically complex works composed in unusual ways.

Eric Brocherie's work is deeply human. Every creative act is an inquiry into the future of the human race.

Eric Brocherie is a multidisciplinary artist and a renowned Artistic Director. Fascinated, bulimic and curious about artistic and graphic culture, this visual environment led him into the world of art, typography and pop culture.

Between 1991 and 2018, he co-founded the creative studios "La 5e Colonne", "Shaman l'atelier graphique", "Franklin", specialized in fashion and luxury goods, and "The French Title", specialized in feature film credit sequences. Eric Brocherie is a pioneer in the organization of entirely digital artistic events such as "Cybertags" in 1998, and the creation of the first websites for Pure Players and brands such as the Cartier and Charles Jourdan Foundations.

Meeting Cédric Klapisch allowed him to direct his first credit sequence for "Chacun cherche son chat" in 1996. This additional talent allows him to express his passion for animation, direction, editing, music and typography through the specific stylistic process of creating a credit sequence. Ever since, Eric Brocherie has produced all the credit sequences for films by the same author, such as "L'auberge espagnole", "Les poupées russes", "Paris", "En corps", and so on. The artist divides his time between his work as an Artistic Director specializing in luxury and fashion, and as a creator of film credit sequences for Jacques Audiard, Yvan Attal, Marion Vernoux, Gaspar Noë, Eric Rochan and many others.

Meanwhile, Eric Brocherie has always developed a more personal approach, creating singular digital works that he has decided to unveil.

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