Genesis Artificial Adversarial Network (GAAN) - 3D virtual exhibition by Philippe Bouaziz

Genesis Artificial Adversarial Network (GAAN)

Di, 09/20/2022Fr, 01/20/2023

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In this exposition, I try to understand how an AI bot (mid-journey) explains texts from the bible. Using deep learning techniques like generative adversarial networks (GAN), and image processing I try to recreate my vision of Jerusalem third temple and Israel redemption.

This show will use AI to generate images based on prompts from Genesis. The intent here is to explore what this hypothetical future may look like digitally and how that would shape our understanding of biblical narrative.

Philippe Yeonathan Bouaziz, Data Scientist, creator of DataScienceMustNeeded (skills) blog (>800k views,, medium writer (, artist

Music by john_kensy_music

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