Lee Saloutos: Black Rock and Smoke Creek - 3D virtual exhibition by KTC Affiliated Artists

Lee Saloutos: Black Rock and Smoke Creek

Do, 07/07/2022Sa, 12/31/2022

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Under the Spell of Nevada’s Great Basin

To many people the Nevada landscape is sparse, empty, unwelcoming. The photographer Lee Saloutos disagrees. Nevada is like no other state. "It is the most mountainous of the lower 48, and the color palette is unique in the West." He adds, "It's not Utah, not Arizona, not Wyoming, not New Mexico."

Born in Madison, Wisconsin, Saloutos has recorded northern Nevada in a series of powerful images of the Black Rock and Smoke Creek deserts. He began photographing them in the mid- 90s and has returned regularly, having fallen under the spell of the magnificent mountains.

Saloutos's photographs offer realistic views of Black Rock and Smoke Creek, but also the
mysteries the desert keeps secret. His camera captures both and his photos reveal them.

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