A Homage to Mother Nature by Adorable Monique - 3D virtual exhibition by Arts4All Florida

A Homage to Mother Nature by Adorable Monique

Wed, 02/01/2023 to Sun, 04/30/2023

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Arts4All Florida is featuring solo exhibitions by member artists with disabilities from its Artist Registry.

"As seeing art and nature as a way to connect with the self, I find it essential to raise awareness about its sacredness and fragility by painting scenes of Florida’s abundant wildlife and natural environments, such as the birds and the Everglades.

From an early age, my diverse heritage led me to revere and render homage to wildlife and mother nature. I was inspired to care for and respect flora and fauna and to be accountable for the suitability and growth of our world's future existence.

As an artist, it is an ultimate gift to be part of the bountiful and consequential importance of the sustainability of the region and the world, such as the Everglades and the Florida Wildlife Corridor, which support ecosystems for lifecycles to evolve.

When creating art, there is an inherent need to explore aspects of the natural world and human experience in visual narratives. The innate biosphere realm is represented alongside rivers, including forests nurturing the land with fertility and signification. Thus, revealing a bold, vibrant palette in the visual renderings, inviting one to look for meaning beyond color. The themes focus on the recurring identity and societal expressions, tangible and not tangible. It is of utmost significance to convey the core value of the spirit of nature, the inspiration found in each context, and the appreciation of life's worthy values. It is vital to believe in the mission and vision to preserve natural resources, anticipating that the represented expressions may speak to many and raise added consciousness towards nature."

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