PREMATURE NFTs - 3D virtual exhibition by Giovanni De Benedetto


ven, 10/15/2021 to sam, 10/16/2021

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The virtual gallery displays SOME of the artworks and ambient music belonging to the PREMATURE NFTs installation taking place at the Funkhaus in Berlin for the Signals Festival on October 15th and 16th. It is not intended to replace the installation experience, but to provide another fruition of the work in its whole for all the people who cannot visit the venue.


In an ever more digitalized and technological world, the emotional features that differentiate human beings from algorithms can shift the current paradigm from the dystopia we are living in to the utopia we hope for in our future.

The immersive installation aims to connect the audience to their inner essence, leading them to consider how it changes according to the shock and mutations outside themselves.

A series of PREMATURE artworks animated for their NFT versions, where the visceral aspect of the artworks is enhanced, is intertwined with morphing videos created by machine learning using the Style GAN2 fed with the original PREMATURE artworks.

In this sense, the digital metamorphosis leads to the creation of a new kind of textures and aesthetic, a PREMATURE FLESH born from the machine learning iterations from what it once was acrylic augmented by digital photography.

The ambient music was conceived to ease an emotional connection while diving into the visual mutations, feeling a deeply sensorial experience.

Do you still feel something anymore?


Visuals & NFT Music: Giovanni De Benedetto
Ambient Music: Stefano Menion Ferrari


Click on the artworks framed in black to play the videos.

For PREMATURE NFT 24, 49, and 50, focus your gaze at one point of the video and let the tridimensional effect comes to light.

Play the videos and step back whenever you want to see different parts of the artworks hung on the wall, getting an ever-changing exhibition experience.


Giovanni De Benedetto is a Klecksography artist who combines action-painting, photography, and digital post-production at once, creating what he calls the Augmented Klecksography Paintings (AKPs). Starting from 2012, he took part in several solo and collective exhibitions with his project PREMATURE, exhibiting in cities like Venice, Paris, Miami Beach, and Berlin. His PREMATURE project has gained several publications in magazines and blogs like Art Market Magazine, Al-Tiba9, and Contemporary Art Curators to name a few. De Benedetto is represented by Art-Preview.

Stefano Menion Ferrari is a guitarist, producer, and composer. His music brings together visionary electronics with glitch, ambient, and post-rock influences. Ferrari has recently collaborated and composed music for and with several artists, including Tómas Saraceno (Arachnophilia Project - 2021 New Year Eve), Claudio PRC (The Abyss Within Us duo), Sahar Homami (IMMINENCE live performance).

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