Euclidean Space - 3D virtual exhibition by Euclidean Collective

Euclidean Space

mer, 10/06/2021 to sam, 11/06/2021

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Euclidean Space is an online virtual group exhibition featuring a collective of artists across a broad spectrum of artistic mediums including painting, drawing, textiles and sculpture. The artists featured include: Edie Duffy, Mythra Sage, Lily Baxter, Lara Gough, Wan-Shan Jan, Zainab, Indigo Krule, Rochelle Morris and Evie Wei. The exhibition theme ‘Euclidean Space’ explores unifying key concepts and motifs expressed throughout the collective artworks. Traditionally, Euclidean space refers to the Ancient Greek concept of two and three dimensional space in geometry, physics and mathematics. Through their practice, each artist has been asked to respond to abstract concepts of physical space which was further expanded into concepts of history, nature and organic form.

Due to the nature of lockdown, Euclidean Space was conceived via digital platforms of communication. Please take the time to explore our catalogue and take a look at the sources provided below. Our social media page features profiles of each artist’s work and provides a space where you can view the artworks photographed outdoors – the only common space we truly share at this time. The Euclidean Space virtual exhibition is an online virtual exhibition where the audience can virtually walk through a gallery and visit each artwork in proportional ‘true to life’ scale.

Printed editions of the exhibition catalogue may be available upon request.

Instagram: @_euclideancollective

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