黃法誠個展 Solo Exhibition by HUANG Fa-Cheng - 3D virtual exhibition by 阿波羅畫廊 Apollo Art Gallery

黃法誠個展 Solo Exhibition by HUANG Fa-Cheng

黃法誠曾獲得台北獎&高雄獎,也是2014年「構圖台灣」的首獎得主。他以周遭的場域、環境和物件作為題材,代表取代或控制自然的文明象徵,同時畫面呈現人的行為姿態,表達出藝術家對文明的矛盾和疑問。 2017年黃法誠至北極圈Ivalo小鎮旅行。冰天雪地的寒帶,對於居住熱帶的藝術家而言,有種既真實又非真實之感,形成強烈的對比。反思文明之間的距離,及隱含的問題。

HUANG Fa-Chen is an emerging artist who won the Taipei Award and Kaohsiung Award, and received the first price of the 2014 “Go To Taiwan - Art Award”. He uses the surrounding fields, environment, and objects around him as themes to represent the symbol of civilization that replaces or controls nature. At the same time, the pictures shows people's behavior and gestures, expressing the artist's contradictions and questions about civilization.

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