Fleur d'amour - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR

Fleur d'amour

lun, 09/13/2021 to ven, 09/24/2021

curated by:

The paintings are becoming flowers of love and
they make love blossom around the world.

When we touch the love in us, we can just feel the
richness and generosity of nature and the strength of
creativity itself.
Accept your holiness, power and beauty as it is.
You can just receive and enjoy the joy of living with
your whole body.
The feeling of mixing and melting that you are
experiencing when you are sharing love,
the feeling when heat spreads from the depths of
my heart when I draw a picture.
A sense of unity with great love.
The joy of feeling love itself.
Each of us connected to the path of light that leads
to great love.
The sparking delight itself when touching that
love was expressed in the works.
A paintings created with prayer so that we can enjoy
and resonate with the door of love.

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