Introspective Beings - 3D virtual exhibition by OCAD University Drawing and Painting

Introspective Beings

jeu, 09/30/2021 to ven, 09/30/2022

curated by:

Introspective Beings

A First-Year Showcase of Self-Portraiture

Presented by OCADU Drawing and Painting

Curated by – Marli Davis

Mentored & Co-Directed by – Julius Poncelet Manapul

First Self – Introspective Beings - is a showcase of OCADU Drawing and Painting self-portraiture from our first-year students. These paintings were conceptualized and created within domestic spaces during the final semester of 2021. Articulated threads interlink this collection of portraits, commonly touching upon cognitive imaginaries, confronting inhabited spaces, lingering between the host and the home. Through imagery, symbolism and narrative, we peer into each student’s lived experience within the pandemic. These works evoke resilience in a newly established way. Themes, materials, and methodology are altered for the times we are living in. Accompanying the ambiguous scope of vast introspective escapism is a communally manifested intrigue towards the psychological self. These paintings examine the self through culture, home, emotion, identity, and diversity; challenged and transformed. In a time of uncertain, ever-evolving demographics, our students have responded with an ability to accept their restrictions and experience exceptional creative growth. Tuning inwards when the outer realm becomes detached, isolation is met with illumination in this exhibition. The portraits document how research and self-exploration can become a lifeline for expression when combating a complicated socio-political reality. Collectively significant, intimate, physical and allegorical realizations unite these artists across digital landscapes.

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