The Contemporary Fine Art Course Mary Adam, Ghislaine De Give & Suki McDonald - 3D virtual exhibition by The Essential School of Painting

The Contemporary Fine Art Course Mary Adam, Ghislaine De Give & Suki McDonald

mar, 09/07/2021 to lun, 02/07/2022

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Mary Adam was born and grew up in Ireland. She studied Medicine at UCC and worked two years in England before marrying and moving to the Caribbean. As a student she became captivated by the anatomy of the human body, the forms and parts and how everything fits together. Later this interest extended to the forms of all living things and has become the driving force behind many of her images.

Despite turning to painting relatively late in life Mary has been actively exhibiting her work for several decades. Her first solo show took place at Horizons Gallery in Trinidad in 2004, since then she has had several solo shows and participated in a number of group exhibitions.

In 2011, she completed the BA (Hons) Painting at the Open College of the Arts and currently is working from her London-based studio. In her work, she often explores anatomical forms and motifs from nature and combines them to create multifaceted compositions. Painting and drawing are her core areas of interest, as she continues to examine the properties of light and colour through figuration and abstraction.

Her recent works are based on differences, individuality, and choice. Inspired by a Robert Rauschenberg show in 2017 she is investigating this idea further in the language of line, colour and tone. Contemplating the ways in which living things sense their environment, or the intricacy of a flower, often serve as starting points upon which her images are developed, and are also an endless source of wonder and awe.

A native of the American north east, Ghislaine  paints what is in the memory of lived places – Massachusetts,  Maine, California France and the UK. 
Her style hovers between representation and abstraction but over time has moved increasingly from  the visually understandable to the suggestion of eruption and separation alongside fusion as a reinterpretation of the original landscapes, storms and seascapes.  Her works today are painted in  acrylic on paper, are medium sized - 36c m x 48 cm and  occasionally interspersed with black ink drawings of the same size.
Her palette is predominantly the colours of sky and sea, contrasting with  umber, magenta and black. She uses collage, silk screen and washes to create differing perspectives on the transient in nature.  A  defining characteristic of her work is energetic movement shown in curves, mobius strips, smashings and drippings. Layers  of discordant and inaccurate perspectives challenge the viewer to see something other than what they know.

I am a painter who was born and raised in South Korea. Living and working in the UK since 1985. This transition has been a long journey of discovery in all aspects of life; language, culture, politics, food and habits. Over time the unfamiliar becomes familiar and the familiar becomes unfamiliar. Inevitably the boundary between Eastern and Western cultures has become blurred. Along the journey, I have experienced acceptance, rejection, agreement, disagreement, understanding and misunderstanding. In this process, I have adopted a philosophical view on this sense of being caught between one place and another and the feeling of belonging and not belonging at the same time.
My work reflects my attempts to reconcile these differences and to rediscover my own identity through the creative process.
The sources of my work include observing daily life and the world around me but also reflecting on memory and experience. The notion of fusion plays a central part in the framing of my work; figuration-abstraction, inside-outside, East-West and the perception of duality.
These ideas are explored through colour, space, texture and layering. Colour is important in communicating feelings and my emotional response to nature rather than having symbolic meanings.
I work intuitively and focus on generating compositional dynamics, energy and rhythm. While aiming to create the idea of space and spatial ambiguity, a sense of awkwardness emerges in distorted or disconnected forms.

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