Bowyi Song solo exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR

Bowyi Song solo exhibition

ven, 10/01/2021 to jeu, 10/14/2021

curated by:

Bowyi Song has been passionate about the arts since her youngest years, espe- cially oriental painting. For her first exhibition “ExH!bit10n” in Seoul, she exhibited auto-portraits. After this first event, she focused on the practice of colours, handling the subject of “change” while peaking the interest of the spectators to understand their perception. The main notions in her artworks are those of sharing, dialogue which encouraged her to participate in a group exhibition called “The Beauty of Flow : for all of us.”

When she conceives a project, she finds her inspiration in the people that surround her. She prefers working in isolation, without any interference or distractions. In her opinion, having a preconceived idea of what her art will look like is a risk. She desires and enjoys working with the immediacy of the pre- sent moment. imagining an artistic style when she doesn’t know what to do yet is a risk for her work.
She believes that our mortality and finite experience of life can create a deeper motivation to explore and experiment with new processes, which she finds to be more uplifting than sticking to tech- niques she is already familiar with. She thinks that there are so many days left to live, so many things to explore that it is depressing to lock herself in a precise creative style and to block her creativity instead of experimenting.
What matters the most to her is to be able to express herself as she did for her first painting, putting forward her desires and feelings at that specific moment, when she painted this canvas.

All of this creates a search for ourselves, a discovery and a form of enrichment, through the freedom of expression. She creates a relation with the spectator.

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