Der Ewige Mensch - 3D virtual exhibition by Ulrike Bolenz Art

Der Ewige Mensch

Fünf Lachende – Fünf Kontinent

Since the beginning of her career “ the laugh “ has always played an important role in the art work from Ulrike Bolenz.
This delight expressed in the works with theme "laugh" is a reaction against the human atrocities in the world.

In 1995 the first installation, a group of laughing women, has been on display at the Berliner Dom, in the following years in several french churches.
2005 Campo Santo chapel,St. Amandsberg Ghent

The “Pillars of laughing women” :

2015 MMOMA Moskow Museum of modern Art
2018 Sheba Medical Center Tel AVIV
2019 Tourism Museum Oesbekistan
2019 Martiros Sarian Museum Armenia


The installation “AVANCANTES” (2018) is inspired by the dance theater performance “ Rosas” , from Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker, with I saw 25 years ago in Brussels.
I was trilled by the dynamism how the dancers approached the viewers.

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