Focus Paris 2021 - 3D virtual exhibition by HONGLEE CURATOR

Focus Paris 2021

mar, 06/01/2021 to sam, 07/10/2021

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From the being of the self to the canvas of the artist, identity constitutes the very foundation of art production. It is because of this that HongLee Curator have chosen the thème “Identity” for their upcoming art fair next Spring.
What is identity? We will answer this question in a series of articles from now and until the launching of the event “Focus Art Fair: Identity” on June 25 2021. Each week we will explore this subject and how it relates to the works to be presented in the three day long exhibition that will take place in Paris at Atelier Richelieu.

The term identity refers to being who or what a person or thing is. It is the elements that shape the existence of something or someone. Therefore, art being one of the main vehicles for the expression of the self, is also a main vector to determine identity. Focus Art Fair invites artists to express their own identity through their works.

From ancient human civilizations artists have found a way to exist through their art, sometimes even creating an alter ego, an identity totally shaped by their idea of self or their ideal self. In a painting, a sculpture, a photography, beyond the very obvious self-portraits, artists pour themselves into their work and shape their image and role in society by doing so. Once their creations meet the public eye they not only determine a new identity of themselves but have also in many occasions moved the core or art history creating brand new art movements.

You can not think of cubism, fauvism or dadaism without naming their pioneers. In the same way you will not find a work of art that doesn’t tell a story about its creator. Their identity is at the center of their work, it becomes the work. In this occasion HongLee Curator will present a variety of art pieces from artists from all over the world. Artists such as the russian social media sensation Ellen Sheidlin who in each creation bends her identity through surrealism. Or the Korean pencil master Lee. K, who invents new selves on each of his portraits. Besides them around one hundred artists will participate in the exhibition making a connection between their artworks and their identity.

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