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Opposites Attract

Our life is full of opposites- man vs woman, right vs wrong, south vs north, love vs hate, orient vs occident… Everything seems so obvious that people just take them for granted. Howere, only few people sit back and think - do opposites really attract? Why do they, or don’t they?
‘Opposites attract’ can be about romantic relationships. It is probably the very first thing that comes to most people’s minds when it comes to the topic. It is because we are drawn to others out of needs and desires that are unfulfilled in our own lives, such as a desire to experience greater connection, security, love, support, and comfort. On the other hand, some of those unfulfilled longings have to do with their polar opposites, such as adventure, freedom, risk, challenge, and intensity. While these needs and desires may appear to be mutually exclusive, they not only can coexist with each other, but in the process, generate a “tension of the opposites' ' that produces the passion that sustains, deepens and enlivens relationships.
‘Opposites Attract’, not only about the sexual aspect. Instead, it is the rule of nature and the universe. For example, yin and yang, the two fundamental forces from traditional Chinese philosophy, are seemingly opposite and contrary to each other, but may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world.
The Occident and the Orient, the two terms that are separated geographically and culturally, have actually linked and integrated through trades, envoys, and cultural exchanges throughout history. And the effects of this historical process are still being felt today, which is called globalisation.
And, along with the development of new media in the 21st century, virtuality comes to our life to solve the problem of reality. It is undoubtedly that our life gets facilitated, and extended with the assistance of high technology. However, as the border between reality and virtuality is getting blurry, the relationship between reality and virtuality has been fiercely contested - what can we do with the increasing virtual consciousness, how can we control it; what affect it may leave to the nature of people…
‘Opposites Attract’ can be not only the external cultural norms, but also internal motivations, such as introversion and extroversion, sense and sensibility, courage and timidity. In the exhibition, we would like to demonstrate all the possibilities of opposites, and discuss why they are different and how they attract each other.
From an artistic point of view, ‘Opposites Attract’ is also true. Primarily, in traditional color theory, opposite colors on the color wheel are complementary. Secondly, contrast is a rhetorical strategy that is often used in composition and colouring of artworks.
More importantly, ‘Opposites Attract’ is what some artists strive to seek for in their artistic journey.
Back in 1989, the famous exhibition 'Les Magiciens de la Terre' curated by Hubert Martin was open at the Centre Georges Pompidou and the Grande Halle de la Villette. In the exhibition, 50 artworks of non-western artists were exhibited opposite to other 50 artworks of western artists. The exhibition enjoyed remarkable significance for causing the solid framework of Eurocentric art history to sway irretrievably and the formally eurocentric art industry to finally embrace the differences, the diversity and the dynamics of the whole world. The differences and the cultural and artistic differences and connections were highly celebrated in the discourse of multiculturalism, which I believe is a good example of ‘Opposites Attract’.
Our exhibition is also a good example of this idea, as a virtual exhibition collaborated by two companies of different realms for all artists from all over the world to represent all the possibilities of opposites and explore their contradictions, connections and intersections. I wish that people after seeing our exhibition will cry, just as those who saw the parisian exhibition did back to 32 years ago -
Vive, la difference!

-Lu Zhang, co-curator.

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