Assorted Works by Lisa Lebofsky - 3D virtual exhibition by Slate Gray Gallery

Assorted Works by Lisa Lebofsky

jeu, 05/27/2021 to lun, 06/28/2021

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In partnership with Camp V of Naturita, CO, Slate Gray presents Assorted Works by Lisa Lebofsky for Mountainfilm Art Walk. Lisa Lebofsky is a nomadic plein air painter, collaborating with nature and people. She paints the susceptibility of nature, correlating its restlessness with our own human vulnerabilities. Her direct participation with the landscape is vital to imbue a painting with the energy of a specific place, so that viewers can connect viscerally: to move, excite and engage them. Lebofsky is completing an artist residency at Camp V, where she will find inspiration in immersing herself in the environment and culture of Southwestern Colorado. Seeking out areas around the globe that are particularly susceptible to the impacts of climate change, Lebofsky will meet with residents to discuss how their community is impacted, while creating a new body of work with subject matter inspired by the landscape surrounding Naturita, CO. Lebofsky will be in attendance for the Mountainfilm Art Walk opening.

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