Conse Andechaga - Inner City - 3D virtual exhibition by Villa del Arte Galleries

Conse Andechaga - Inner City

ven, 06/04/2021 to jeu, 07/15/2021

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Conse means the sacralisation of
urban art, its immortalisation, its
projection on to the walls of the
retina. Conse is the street even
when confronted with acrylic or
canvas: vitality and transgression
endure on any type of surface. High
quality goldsmithing from ignoble

Recognition has come to him at a
very young age, insultingly young,
but Conse lives an insultingly
creative and rebellious way of life.
Even his latest mural in Barcelona’s
Raval, dedicated to the Senegalese
artist and activist Makha Diop, is
the fruit of social perseverance.
Conse calls for Barcelona’s return
to expressive spontaneity.

Today he shows us his more
hyperrealist side. A devotional
love of detail but at the same time
a recognition of the role of the
dream as he embroiders the lips,
the reflections of the skin and the
intensity of the pupils, giving them
more strength with flashes of silver
leaf or with magical colours.

Conse is the natural order, the
natural disorder, the human gaze,
the ability to jump over walls by
painting them. Conse or how to be
Consequent. Conse or how to be free.

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