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Movement presents a series of parallel life stories of emigrants and immigrants connected by common narrative themes. The project highlights our shared humanity and the interconnectedness of people beyond nationality, ethnicity and religion, whilst spotlighting the discriminations and double standards faced by immigrants and emigrants.

The objective is to deconstruct the polarising rhetorics that define this era and co-create a new future inspired by the fundamental fact: We are One Humanity.

This new Herstory project is produced in partnership with AkiDwA (Ireland) and members of the Anna Lindh Foundation across the Euro-Mediterranean region: Jerusalem Centre for Women (Palestine), APIS Institute (Slovenia), Charisma Arts for Development (Egypt), and Agency for Migration and Adaptation AMIGA (Czech Republic). Movement celebrates the 20th anniversary of AkiDwA, Ireland’s first national women’s migrant service.

Special thanks to our funders. With the support of Anna Lindh Foundation, the Beachaire Fund at The Community Foundation for Ireland. Co-funded by The European Union and philanthropists Abi and James Morrow.

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