F1 Legends - 3D virtual exhibition by stefano cattelan

F1 Legends

Competition is in the nature of human beings. When we invented the car we finally had the perfect tool to push ourselves ‘over our limits’. The thirst for victory in these powerful machines; the desire to be ‘number one', pushed men to show off their skills and courage, and then made them legends.
Italfoto Archive is a collection of 180,000 negatives, preserved in excellent condition, spanning from the early 50s up through the late 90s and containing many unique events and exciting moments in car  racing from those years. While the opening, digitizing and cataloging of this unusual collection continues, revealing hundreds of amazing pictures every day, we at the Archive are proud to share with you some of our work to date. This show contains unique pieces capturing portraits of the racing car pilots, real pioneers and heroes, and their machines that wrote unforgettable pages in the history of the sport.
In this virtual exhibition are pictures from The Grand Prix of Valentino Park (1955) and The Grand Prix of Monaco (1958).

All originals were shot on 120 rolls on Hasselblad and digitalized at 100 million pixels at 300dpi.
All images are on sale as a digital print on Hahnemühle paper with holographic serial number certification in a limited edition in 3 different formats: 
60x60cm 100 prints
80x80cm 100 prints
100x100cm 100 prints 
Or, an exclusive buy out including the original negative + hi-res digital file + one print 100x100cm

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