Doong-ji 둥지/Nest #3: Korean Natural Dyes Exhibition - 3D virtual exhibition by Baltimore Natural Dye Initiative

Doong-ji 둥지/Nest #3: Korean Natural Dyes Exhibition

dim, 04/18/2021 to ven, 07/30/2021

curated by:

Artworks by four Korean natural dye/textile artists from the session "Korean Natural Dyes: Traditions meet the contemporary and beyond"
Natural dye and its traditions have been widely practiced and inherited by Koreans. It is connected deeply to Korean textile traditions and daily necessities products and fun recreations in modern society. In this session, we will be hearing from four natural dye practitioners and scholars who research and create arts, crafts, and educational programs with various types of traditional Korean natural dye and textile methods.

"Introducing the unknown beauty of natural dye traditions, textile arts, and ancestor’s wisdom from my mother country means very special to me as a Korean-American immigrant, especially at the beginning of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. I'm hoping that this session becomes an intersectional path connecting two cultures from my old home and my new home, along with honoring healing. Also, I hope this session helps people who are not familiar with Korean and East Asian cultures to learn, understand and enjoy. Also giving them a new perspective about looking at one of the biggest current issues; Hate crimes and microaggressions around Asians, POC, and immigrant communities in this nation and globally."

Participating artists
- Buk Gu Heo
- Mi Sook Cho
- Aimee Lee
- SouJou Jang from Kindigo Studio

Curated by Rosa Sung Ji Chang with the Indigo Shade Map team
Baltimore Natural Dye Symposium

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