REFRACTION - 3D virtual exhibition by KRYSTEL ANN ART


jeu, 08/05/2021 to mer, 08/25/2021

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The refraction is an effect of a ray of light deflected and turned; in the atmosphere, it can be seen in mirages, green rays, and rainbows. This exhibition follows metaphorically these light’s paths, showing people’s inner realities, cohabitation between human and non-human, and identity visibility.
With the work of the artist Christophe Mert, we are presented to a scarified afrodescent woman’s face. Those scratches have the semblance of colorful wounds that uncover the darkness of her skin. Are they wounds of joy? Are they painful? Are they prayers? Through her uncovered paths, we are welcomed to experience her spiritual connection between her past and present. Continuing with the works of Françoise Sémiramoth, she invites us to dive into the florescent nature of Guadeloupe, where the seminal chef oeuvre Caravaggio is reinterpreted in new shapes and somatic realities from the Caribbean standpoint. She proposes a unity act between human and nature, where this last one regains luxuriant texture from its historical representation, almost swallowing the human being that cohabits and integrates its excessive colors, sounds, spaces, and dimensions. This curatorial narration continues with Leticia Barreto's works, which show us existential footprints of afrodescent women who are paradoxically invisibilized through their hypervisibility in Brazilian society. The motifs on the background of the paintings stand out as they react from their background-ness, fulfilling the blinding whiteness of the black women’s silhouettes.
The three artists let us cross as we were light rays different mediums of Tropical spaces, revealing us refractions realities to see, live and learn from.

Maica Gugolatti, Phd

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