Mark Harrington | Degi-Degi - 3D virtual exhibition by Zweigstelle Berlin

Mark Harrington | Degi-Degi

Artist statement Mark Harrington:

„My work from 2017-20 develops a language of lines into striated fields of reductive tonal contrast, aiming to deepen the impact of spatial volume and ambiguity. Paintings in acrylic and oil on linen and carton vary in scale from expansive to intimate, introducing multi-paneled compositions as polyptych extensions of the diptych structures underlying my work since the late nineties. Artists of prehistory searched for walls in caves and on rock faces. I seek materials to render the surfaces that I am hunting, like animals sensed but unseen. Paintings arrive as visitors, needing again a wall or chosen space for sharing. Nothing changes existentially in painting, yet everything is changed in the quest for alluring surfaces and their relationships with the spaces we inhabit“.

From "Mark Harrington - Intuition and Control" by Peter Selz

"At a time when abstract painting, indeed painting in general, seems on the wane, Mark Harrington produces paintings that validate the perpetual human act of visual denotation. Harrington´s paintings are marked surfaces that represent themselves. But they also permit the viewer to contemplate creativity by following the directions of his lines of discontinuous rhythm".

Peter Selz (1919, Munich - 2019, Berkeley), Professor Emeritus of Art History, University of California, Berkeley - Former Chief Curator at the Museum of Modern Art, New York City

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