Midnight In Space, National accessArts Centre - 3D virtual exhibition by Studio C Prospect Gallery

Midnight In Space, National accessArts Centre

jeu, 01/14/2021 to dim, 02/14/2021

curated by:

Exhibition Statement:

This exhibition is the first curated by Michelle Bennie in a pilot program that expands exhibition process.

Taking cue from the ways Michelle works in her visual arts practice, we began with the title “Midnight in Space”. The title is the first step Michelle takes in a new project. Michelle then recorded a list that described what “Midnight in Space” meant to her:

Shooting stars/shooting sheep
North pole
Goat, sheep, reindeer
Christmas tree
Going to the farm
Seeing Santa at midnight
Basement suite with my artwork all night long (until midnight)
Multi-colour everything
A black multi-coloured goat
Joseph’s technicolour dream coat
Fireworks in space

Michelle selected artworks by her peers at the National accesssArts Centre that she felt suited the theme. She would describe the things she saw in the artwork and the ways it connected to the exhibition title, sometimes renaming the works. She also divided the works into the subcategories of subcategories of Valentines Enchanted Kingdom, Fantasy Land Hotel in the Jungle, Haunted House Magic Kingdom, Taj Mahal at Magic Kingdom and Greenhouse. Each of these exhibitions are given their own room, to represent the ways Michelle sees the works as a collection.

Michelle’s decision to include her own interpretations in the way the works are presented demonstrates a freedom to connect to artworks in our own ways.

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